Jan 04, 2023

Founder and CEO of nbsp Sway Group an award-winning agency that specializes in influencer marketing with a focus on B C nano and micro campaignsIf there s a single type of content that is now officially king it s mobile-friendly... Read more

Jul 04, 2023

It began like any other influencer trip A carefully curated group of six content creators representing an array of body types and backgrounds tucked themselves into their seats on a flight and gleefully documented the perks of business class But... Read more

Dec 23, 2022

Influencer marketing could become one of the most powerful marketing tools in Creator marketing can drive brand growth across the entire purchasing funnel and many companies have leveraged online and offline influencer strategies over the last several years Understanding social... Read more

Sep 24, 2023

Millennials born between the early s and the mid- s have grown up in an era where social media platforms like Facebook Instagram YouTube and Twitter have become powerful tools for information entertainment and influence he digital era has witnessed... Read more

Jan 02, 2023

Indian influencers keep providing quality content to ensure that their audience keeps coming back to them Additionally they run contests and also communicate with their followers New Delhi nbsp With the ever-changing trends of media influencer marketing has become a... Read more

Nov 14, 2022

In advance of the upcoming nbsp World Cup in Qatar Indian owned edtech company nbsp BJYU S nbsp has announced a partnership with Argentine soccer star and macroinfluencer Lionel Messi The campaign will use a combination of digital media and... Read more

Feb 01, 2023

Two splashy group excursions to the United Arab Emirates illustrate the new economics of celebrity marketing where luxe vacations are traded for TikTok mentionsBeyonc performed during the opening weekend of Atlantis the Royal a new luxury beach resort in Dubai... Read more

Jul 06, 2023

Gen Z consumers are percent more likely to take their friends recommendation over an influencer or a celebrity while making a purchase decision revealed a study from Yuvaa Gen Z consumers are percent more likely to take their friends' recommendation... Read more

Mar 10, 2023

Influencer marketing has now cemented its place in brands digital marketing budgets Having moved beyond the test and learn phase brands now have first hand proof of its efficacy in engaging audiences and promoting authenticity and trust And so brands... Read more

Jun 19, 2023

Around seven years after starting his YouTube channel Roy Mart nez got an email asking if he was interested in making a living from his content The sender a Brazilian company he d never heard of had caught wind of... Read more

Aug 16, 2023

As the use of artificial intelligence and augmented reality filters continue to rise Polaroid is pitching its products as relief from an overly digital world nbsp The camera and film maker is working with influencers both up-and-coming and established photographers... Read more

Dec 15, 2022

Social media influencers have become a powerful force in the marketing world As the world of digital marketing continues to evolve influencer marketing is becoming an increasingly popular strategy for businesses looking to reach a larger audience One such influencer... Read more