Influencer Code of Conduct

Influencer(s) warrants, represents and undertakes that they:

  1. Shall perform the Services and produce the content as agreed with the User on a highly professional manner, to the full limit of Influencer’s skill and ability, in accordance with the descriptions and specifications agreed by the parties from time to time through the Website;
  2. Shall render the Influencer Services on the days and times agreed with User;
  3. Shall provide the Influencer Services in co-operation with such other persons as User may reasonably instruct;
  4. Shall render the Influencer Services in accordance with User’s editorial and ethical standards and User's directions and instructions, including promptly complying with User’s instructions to Influencer to remove or modify any posted content;
  5. Shall at all times comply with the respective rules of the relevant social media platform provider, the codes and all other applicable laws and regulations, and the instructions reasonably required by User when performing the Services.
  6. Shall not speak negatively in public about User or User’s brand (the "Brand") and Influencer (s) warrants and represents that to the extent that they have made or make any statements with respect to the Brand or its products, such statements reflect influencer’s honest opinions, beliefs, findings and actual experiences regarding the Brand or its products;
  7. Shall not make any defamatory or derogatory public statements about User, any products or services offered by User, any of User's personnel and/or any third party;
  8. Shall not engage in any conduct which in User's reasonable opinion brings the Influencer into public disrepute, scandal, contempt or ridicule or which may offend individuals or a group of the community or behave in any way that damages the goodwill or reputation of the User;
  9. Do not have any subsisting criminal record of any kind and have disclosed in writing to Website any information concerning influencer’s reputation or public image that may have an impact on User's decision to enter into the User Agreement;
  10. Shall ensure that User is entitled to fully use the Personality Rights and the content for the purposes envisaged under the User Agreement , and that any such use of the Personality Rights and content shall not infringe the rights, including the Intellectual Property Rights of any third party.
  11. Without prejudice to User's other rights and remedies, in the event that influencer carries out an act which is inconsistent with the provisions of this Influencer Code of Conduct, influencer shall, on User's request, publicly apologise and/or publicly retract the offending statement, in such manner, media and timing as User may reasonably require.