Mar 21, 2023

With the development of Web O users began joining social networks to read and gain knowledge and create content More and more user-generated content and usability have caused a shift in consumer perception The world of influencer marketing has seen... Read more

Dec 18, 2022

It is known that in recent years influencer marketing has become one of the most popular channels for attracting users and advertising products as well as mobile applications According to different data on the platforms of YouTube TikTok and Instagram... Read more

Jul 11, 2023

A new social media trend has recently emerged in response to the materialistic nature of influencer culture influencer neutralization In this trend influencers discourage their followers from buying overpriced or ineffective products Influence is a highly profitable form of marketing... Read more

Dec 18, 2022

There has been a slow and steady change in how brands carry out their operations especially after the pandemic The focus has shifted to the virtual world as e-commerce industries expand and ed-tech and health-tech industries solidify their footing in... Read more

Jan 26, 2023

Collecting Interpretations from leading marketers this report provides reliable insights into Pakistan s growing influencer industryThe explore page of any Pakistani Instagram user is flooded with thousands of influencers posting bits of their lives endorsing products and even offering different... Read more

Jun 19, 2023

The Digital News Report by the Reuters Institute sheds light on the complex relationship between the public news outlets and social media platforms As we navigate one crisis after another the demand for reliable and independent journalism is higher than... Read more

Nov 11, 2022

Current data shows that sponsored posts shared in the H increased by As consumer habits led brands to digital the role of influencer marketing in brand communication got bigger Current data shows that sponsored posts shared in the H increased... Read more

Jun 19, 2023

There s lots of talk about lifestyle influencers but not nearly as much talk about the need they satisfy Especially in a time of uncertainty I think it s our nbsp appetite nbsp for a sense that we re in... Read more

Feb 17, 2023

In November when socialite and It-girl of the aughts nbsp Paris Hilton married venture capitalist Carter Reum at a swanky wedding in Bel Air a red carpet gala s nbsp worth of stars turned up Nicole Richie Kim Kardashian Paula... Read more

Jan 12, 2023

Miami FL January -- PR com -- The Influencer Marketing Factory has signed another creative into their roster of talents that will be represented by the agency Aliza Reynosa is a newly signed TikTok creator that is now part of... Read more

Jul 13, 2023

The news nbsp With more than nbsp million sign-ups nbsp in the first few hours after launching nbsp Meta nbsp has proven that there s significant user interest in its nbsp Twitter nbsp competitor nbsp Threads Now comes the next... Read more

Oct 17, 2022

The Netflix show you've been waiting forSince downloading TikTok in the first lockdown the Hype House collective have been on our radar And now they're on our TV screens too thanks to new Netflix reality show Hype House which gets... Read more