All You Need to Know About Pakistan’s Influencer Industry – Walee Pak Influencer Industry Insights Report 2021-22

Jan 26, 2023
All You Need to Know About Pakistan’s Influencer Industry – Walee Pak Influencer Industry Insights Report 2021-22

Collecting Interpretations from leading marketers, this report provides reliable insights into Pakistan’s growing influencer industry

The explore page of any Pakistani Instagram user is flooded with thousands of influencers posting bits of their lives, endorsing products and even offering different advice to the people that follow them. Amongst all this consumption we rarely ever get to explore all that goes behind this massive influencer industry, however, Walee, Pakistan’s largest Influencer  Marketing Platform has just released Pakistan’s first Influencer Industry Insights Report 2021-22.

Analyzing over 7 million data points, the Walee influencer industry report showcases a 12-month summary highlighting the top 10 performers in multiple dimensions such as brands, industries, campaigns, influencers and even genders. The report is a treat not only for influencers but also those that want to learn more about Pakistan’s influencer marketing industry and its dynamics.

Listing down the top 10 performers of 14 different dimensions, the report is divided into three categories namely the Industry Insights, Brand Lense, and Campaign & Creators.

Industry Insights:

The industry insight section of the Walee influencer industry report summarizes, defines and ranks industries that use Instagram influencers as a medium of marketing. This section contains four different top 10 lists.

These include industries with most influencer campaigns, industries with the best performing influencer campaigns, campaigns with the most male and female representation. Winners in each one of these categories are fashion, transport, airline, and sports respectively.

Going through insights in each of these four top 10 lists shows how influencer marketing has expanded into different industries over the years. This fact only goes on to become stronger when industries such as transport and telecom turn out to be much more successful than fashion and beauty in terms of campaign engagement.

Brand Lense:

Zooming out from industries, Walee then focused its influencer industry report towards the ones that build and run these industries. Yes, you guessed it right – it’s the brands and their influencer marketing campaigns.

Walee in this part of the report has ranked brand campaigns based on five different categories. These include campaigns generating the most content, female and male influencers with the highest number of brand campaigns,, brands that featured  only female influencers in their campaigns, brands that included at least one male influencer in their campaigns and brand campaigns with the highest video views.

Winners in each of these categories were Bagallery, Fariha Asghar, Waqas Ahmed, Always, Noir, and Snack Video.

Bagallery’s number one position on the list of content generation might be due to its high trading volume, but also goes to show that low involvement and affordable products are what make up a large part of Pakistan’s influencer industry.

Getting on to the list of brand campaigns with male and female representations, one can clearly notice the absence of male focused brands on Instagram. The Walee influencer industry report mentions that 17% of all major campaigns only include female influencers.

Campaigns and Creators:

After covering both industries and the major brands behind them, Walee brought down the report to the keystones behind influencer marketing, our very own creators. Well, this part of the Walee influencer industry report is not entirely about creators and focuses on the engagement rates of both brand campaigns and creators. 

Ranking brands, campaigns and creators based on their engagement rates. This part of the report is by far the most interesting part as it compares the average engagement rates (AER) of both brands and creators thus adding an element of competition.

Sapphire, a high-street clothing brand turned out to be both the brand with the highest ER and also the brand that ran a campaign with the best ER. The #sapphirebeautysquad campaign had an average engagement rate of around 60.5%, beating all other major campaigns by a huge margin.

The engagement rate for influencers is divided between female and male creators. Female influencer with the highest ER stands to be singer Annural Khalid, with an ER of 110.8%. On the other hand, the male influencer with the highest ER is Choreographer Bilal Hafeez, who has an ER of 178.3%.

Despite having lesser followers than many creators down on the ER list, both Annural Khalid and Bilal Hafeez have an average engagement rate far better than others. This goes to show how the number of followers should not always be the primary focus and infact, content is King.

What Can I Learn from the Report?

While it might just look like a report containing 12 months of influencer industry data, it has a lot to offer for people that actually dive into the actual report. After each one of the 14 industry insights in the report, Walee has included a proper explanation and even the contributing marketer’s opinion about the data they have presented.

Apart from its explanations, Walee has also included some key takeaways for marketers or business owners who want to supercharge their influencer campaigns. These takeaways can really push engagement and help you reach a larger part of your targeted market. So what are you waiting for? Head over to and get a free copy of their influencer industry report.

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