Social Media Influencer Julie Sariñana Launches Vegan Nail Polish Line

Jul 15, 2021
Social Media Influencer Julie Sariñana Launches Vegan Nail Polish Line

Color Dept. was designed by Sincerely Jules to be ‘inclusive, fun and happy.’

Julie Sariñana, the Los Angeles-based fashion and lifestyle influencer behind Sincerely Jules on Instagram, is entering into the beauty industry with the launch of her new brand, Color Dept.—a sustainable, plant-based, 100% vegan & cruelty free certified nail polish line.

A new collection of Color Dept. will drop four times per year, and each release will be led by a seasonally, trendsetting story that gives way to a vibrant set of colors. In accord with Julie's fashionable aesthetic, this line of nail polish merges her exquisite eye for design with a playful and positive message. 

"Having started my career in the beauty industry, I wanted to create a line of nail polish that complements all genders, all races from all walks of life, which is why Color Dept. was made to be inclusive, diverse, fun and happy while also celebrating each of our unique differences and individuality," said Jules. "I couldn't be prouder to launch our first collection, Dept. 1, and hope everyone enjoys our dreamy, inspirational and non-toxic, vegan nail polishes." 

Priced at $10 per 14.8mL bottle or $60 for the full collection, Dept. 1 includes Strawberry Jam (pink), Grape Soda (purple), Hydrated (blue), Morning Squeeze (orange), Kiwi Juice (light green), Avo Guac (dark green), and Coconut Water (white). 
Also, included in the Dept. 1 collection is The Top Coat (clear), a Plant-Based, High Shine, Extra-Long Wearing Topcoat.
The full collection is now available for purchase at Color Dept.’s website.

Source: happi