May 22, 2024

Out of billion Instagram users million or more than followed AI influencers in and the number continues to grow Now if AI influencers aren t going anywhere anytime soon one s love or hate for it has no play in... Read more

Dec 25, 2023

There is no doubt that the trend of Influencer Marketing has skyrocketed with social media feeds bombarded with influencer and business collaborations While this concept is certainly not a new one over the recent years the immense popularity of this... Read more

Feb 23, 2024

Brand interest in sponsored content as opposed to traditional social ads continues to rise and create opportunities for influencer partnerships with of brands intending to increase their influencer marketing investment this year My company's platform supports the relationship between brands... Read more

Feb 14, 2024

Mumbai Within the ever-changing field of marketing companies and brands are increasingly turning to Affiliate Marketing as a key strategy to connect with their target audience This innovative approach involves compensating external parties to promote products and services creating a... Read more

Jan 17, 2024

Marketers continued to invest in creators in with short-form videos on TikTok Instagram and YouTube dominating The data comes from an analysis of million social-media posts from creators conducted by creator-marketing platform CreatorIQ which works with over brands and agencies... Read more

Jan 22, 2024

The latest HypeAuditor State of Influencer Report highlights major global influencer trends across TikTok Instagram and YouTube The report projects that global expenditure on Instagram influencer marketing will peak at an astounding USD billion by An upsurge in social e-commerce... Read more

May 13, 2024

Celebrities and mega-influencers wield significant influence across social media platforms in the current digital landscape Around of participants in Southeast Asia have admitted to being influenced by recommendations from influencers or celebrities in their purchasing decisions according to a study... Read more

Jan 03, 2024

Whether you're a content creator or a brand it's crucial to keep an eye on these essential influencer marketing trends this yearAs we step into it is worth highlighting that the world of influencer marketing is buzzing with potential for... Read more

Feb 06, 2024

Dubai UAE Get Outfit the next-generation fashion discovery app powered by a generative AI stylist and enriched with curated creators' content is thrilled to announce the launch of the Get Outfit for Creators program This initiative not only redefines the... Read more

Apr 01, 2024

Adidas made stars designers rather than ambassadors Almost a decade on everyone s still following suit In fashion the role of creative director has always been considered sacred Major designers bonafide celebrities in their own right play musical chairs for... Read more

Nov 30, 2023

Experts say since the industry is based on trust it is up to influencers to adhere to the existing guidelinesAs more brands move to influencer marketing to promote their products and services the Advertising Standards Council of India ASCI has... Read more

Jan 09, 2024

There are many AI influencers available that advertise different brands on social media sites like TikTok Instagram and Facebook But a study shows that the informative value of influencers content authenticity and homophily positively affect their parasocial relationships which in... Read more