May 29, 2023

Previously the bill restricted influencer marketing to only licensed crypto firms of which there are currently none in France French lawmakers have agreed to tone down the restrictions on a bill first proposed in March that would have severely restricted... Read more

Apr 04, 2023

Political support appears to be growing in the United States for a complete ban on the popular video sharing service TikTok If such a ban does happen it could force many TikTok influencers to seek out new ways to publicize... Read more

May 01, 2023

All your favorite influencers were at Coachella this month or were they Some reportedly faked their Coachella attendance making it the latest influencer trend to sweep Instagram and TikTok So far has been somewhat volatile for influencers in general With... Read more

May 22, 2023

Some analysts estimate that the overall influencer marketing market has nbsp surpassed billion But as influencer marketing has evolved so has the relationship between brands and creators The latest trend Hiring influencers as in-house staff The most recent example is... Read more

Jun 20, 2023

Cooper Munroe is CEO of nbsp The Motherhood Inc For two decades The Motherhood has connected regulated brands with influencers in every niche When influencer marketing first rose to prominence the notion that it would be a viable strategy for... Read more

Jun 12, 2023

Social media influencers with their carefully crafted images and on-screen lifestyles create an aspirational halo that surrounds them The rise of social media has certainly revolutionised various aspects including how we connect share and consume information The emergence of influencers... Read more

Mar 29, 2023

LOS ANGELES - When Cassidy Jacobson was years old she posted a video of herself dancing on the popular app TikTok Little did she know then that six years later her Casssidy J account would have million followers on the... Read more

Oct 28, 2022

Washington About of people between the ages of and use Instagram and it s hard to spend much time scrolling without encountering a sponsored post from an influencer The same holds true for just about any other social media platform... Read more

Jan 24, 2023

Social media influencers will now have to declare all material interests Will this impact scale and scope Which band of influencers will be hit most The Department of Consumer Affairs under Ministry of Consumer Affairs Food and Public Distribution released... Read more

Dec 26, 2022

When someone makes a purchase on a website after clicking through a trackable link or using a specific code the influencer who posted it can earn a commission from that sale in what's called affiliate marketing nbsp Influencers often use... Read more

Aug 06, 2023

Being to attribute performance accurately is a major challenge for influencer marketers Here GreenJinn s Holly Tester argues that media plug-ins like her company s own can go some way to solving it First we had a wave of new... Read more

Jan 04, 2023

The concept of an influencer is a broad one It doesn t matter what you label your influencer the rules apply to anyone posting content online be that brand ambassadors paid partners or influencers The Advertising Standards Authority ASA and... Read more