Nov 14, 2023

In today s digital age consumers have access to a wealth of information that helps them make informed decisions especially when choosing a restaurant In this context online reviews and social media platforms have become vital for diners to share... Read more

Dec 14, 2023

The event is set to bring together over speakers from over Arab and foreign countries at the Emirates Towers and the Museum of the FutureThe Billion Followers Summit organised by New Media Academy NMA is set to host the world's... Read more

Dec 11, 2022

When content creators took over Dubai Influencers offer top tips for social media at Billion SummitThe name of the summit derives from the total following of billion people approx of over influencers that took to the stage to deliver panel... Read more

Aug 16, 2023

As TikTok videos featuring popular influencers peddle health advice a new study spotlights alarming trends prompting urgent calls for integrating credible medical information into the digital landscape In an era where social media apps are shaping global discourse a recent... Read more

Aug 16, 2023

A group of young German tourists toppled a -year-old statue at a villa in northern Italy the villa's manager told Insider According to nbsp Italian media nbsp reports nbsp the guests at Villa Alceo were influencers who messed around with... Read more

Sep 21, 2023

As you've likely noticed the conventional approach to content marketing has been undergoing significant changes Traditional advertising and agency-produced content are no longer the gold standards they once were Brands are increasingly distancing themselves from these old-school strategies opting instead... Read more

Apr 04, 2024

In today's digital marketing landscape a significant shift is underway highlighting the value of micro-influencers Social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube have democratized the influencer landscape providing a level playing field where any individual with expertise in a domain... Read more

Sep 26, 2023

The influencer marketing industry has grown significantly in recent years increasing its value from bn in to bn by according to Influencer Marketing Hub That growth is not expected to slow any time soon Its growth has been fuelled by... Read more

Oct 16, 2023

Marketer Zain Kahn says he earns more than mn a year in advertising revenue thanks largely to his hundreds of thousands of social media followers He is not pushing products to fans on TikTok and Instagram however Kahn is one... Read more

Oct 13, 2023

A cultural shift is taking place before our eyes Influencers are leaning into celebrity culture while more traditional celebrities are going viral on social media This means brands need to move with the times to tap into a new era... Read more

Dec 27, 2023

Marketers no longer have the control they once did over how their brands are perceived and talked about by consumers For decades traditional advertising allowed marketers to feel like they were the true stewards of their brands making decisions about... Read more

Nov 21, 2023

The creator economy has evolved and the traditional power dynamics between brands and influencers have shifted No longer are brands the sole powerhouses and influencers aren't just individuals awaiting their big break They've become the landscape itself and shape consumer... Read more