Dec 13, 2022

With so many influencers and creators now launching their own product lines which are receiving tremendous love from their followers going forward there is a perspective for brands to start thinking of product line collaborations too and not just a... Read more

Dec 11, 2022

When content creators took over Dubai Influencers offer top tips for social media at Billion SummitThe name of the summit derives from the total following of billion people approx of over influencers that took to the stage to deliver panel... Read more

Dec 11, 2022

Influencer marketing is maturing as a business for many marketers and media agencies as they find ways to leverage creator content and gain new audiences From using artificial virtual influencers to micro influencers on social media agencies and brands are... Read more

Dec 07, 2022

Qatari YouTuber Ghanim Al Muftah starred alongside Morgan Freeman in the World Cup opening ceremony Al Muftah is known for his motivational speeches and social media presence featuring on TEDxQatarUniversity in aged to talk about his condition caudal regression syndrome... Read more

Dec 05, 2022

New Delhi Luggage brand Mokobara partnered with fashion influencer Nagma Mirajkar to promote its products to her million followers on Instagram last month The move was part of the company s plans to shift a significant part of its advertising... Read more

Dec 05, 2022

Let s be honest Social media is sexy and so is the discourse surrounding it From the latest TikTok trend to Elon Musk taking over Twitter there always seems to be something new happening in the digital world Social media... Read more

Dec 01, 2022

The FTC says Google paid radio DJs to say they loved the Pixel Google and iHeartMedia the US's biggest radio station operator are being hit with a false advertising lawsuit for ads they ran about the Pixel which we found... Read more

Nov 30, 2022

The second edition of the Impact Digital Influencer Conference will be held today November from noon onwards in Mumbai The much-awaited INCA-e m Influencer Marketing Report will also be unveiled today in the presence of eminent leaders from the advertising... Read more

Nov 28, 2022

Meghan Markle is rumoured to be gearing up for a return to Instagram with an online gossip portal citing an unnamed source saying that she is ready to be an influencer The rumour started doing the rounds on social media... Read more

Nov 24, 2022

To hear some people on TikTok tell it we've spent years in a panoramic Or perhaps it was a panini press Some are in the leg booty community and stand firmly against cornucopia If it all sounds like a foreign... Read more

Nov 24, 2022

khaleejtimes LG Ad Solutions a global leader in connected TV CTV and cross-screen advertising has announced an exclusive partnership with ArabyAds a leading ad tech company in the UAE Saudi Arabia and Egypt This partnership represents the company's expansion of... Read more

Nov 22, 2022

Timesofindia According to reports roughly virtual influencers are currently active on social media On social media the biggest has millions of followers Currently Lu the digital spokesperson for Brazilian shop Magazine Luiza has million Instagram followers Some focus on particular... Read more