Your influencer marketing campaign - How to read the numbers (part 2/2)

Mar 25, 2022
Your influencer marketing campaign - How to read the numbers (part 2/2)

As our articles on influencer marketing campaigns keep gaining traction, several readers have asked for more content relating to reading the results of their influencer marketing campaigns. So, this article is not only the sequel to our first piece on the subject, it is also an acknowledgement to all of you beautiful readers out there.

In this short piece we draw general guidelines that will help you further inspect those influencer marketing campaign results. Our aim is to read numbers in an analytical method, turning them into insights that you can act upon.

So, let’s take a look at some numbers and results at your end of social media. And we’re separating those into two aspects as follows:

The live numbers:

While influencer marketing content is being broadcasted or published, you’ll be getting some live results, or almost instant interactions. How do you break them down? 

First, The interaction. How many interactions have your pages and accounts received during (and right after) the live event (or post)? This is one necessary, although not sufficient, indicator that helps you estimate the relevance and timeliness of your influencer marketing campaign content. 

Yet most importantly, you need to sample the interactions themselves. Compare the number of the one-click interactions to the number of comments. This is of the essence since they reveal different things. Comments by users that have reached your accounts right after content was published indicate, in most cases, that there are some questions out there (or issues) that you may need to address. 

Second, the followers. Are you receiving or witnessing waves (or spikes) of new followers right after content publishing? If yes, then you must be doing something right. What you want to do is follow these waves in order to increase the number of followers gained by each. Making these waves more frequent is not always the answer. Try to grab more followers with special promotions and promo codes. 

Finally, there must be a spike in sales. If not, then you need to re-visit again, why are you getting the followers without the conversion? Dig deeper in your pricing, comments and inbox.

The longer term effects:

This aspect is of the utmost importance. When considering the longer-term results of your influencer marketing campaign, you should pose this question: “How far am I willing to change my brand’s character?”

A brand’s character is surely determined by how it was designed and later how it develops through the years. Yet a major part of any brand’s character is mutually determined by the users (or customers) of this brand. Simply think Apple. While the characteristics of the brand are obvious to nearly anyone familiar with Apple, think about how Apple’s customers have shaped (perhaps to a similar extent) the brand itself.

So here are some aspects to consider: How are the demographics of my social media accounts changing? Which demographic is rising the most? Are my followers now more likely to be those than the ones I had originally imagined? Think about how you are changing the brand as you change these demographics.

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