Your Influencer Marketing Campaign -How to read the numbers (Part 1)

Mar 03, 2022
Your Influencer Marketing Campaign -How to read the numbers (Part 1)

So you’ve got your influencer marketing campaign launched, now it’s time for some statistics and analytics. Remember, launching the campaign, and getting the reports and numbers in is the easy part (OMNES Influencers does that for you with few clicks). The challenge is how to report your marketing results, and essentially how you read those results in the first place.

In this article OMNES Influencers will provide you with a couple of ideas, simple to calculate and analyze your influencer marketing help. Yet whenever you need help, do not hesitate to contact us, we are always here to help.


So let’s delve into the numbers, from two aspects, what is happening at the side of the influencer, and what is happening on your pages and social media accounts. In this first article of a two parts piece by OMNES Influencers, we tackle numbers at the other end of your campaign, the influencer’s side.

So first things first, Social Media Engagement:

Follow the engagement: Start from views, then likes, then comments and ending with the number of shares for your influencer marketing campaign content. What is the percentage of followers that have viewed the content? This is a number that you might want to follow through time, is this number increasing? Decreasing? 

Second, inspect Relevance: 

What percentage do the viewers make out of the total number of the influencer’s followers or subscribers on this channel? Better still, what is the percentage of viewers who liked the video out of the total number of viewers? This is a good indicator about the relevance of your influencer marketing piece. 

Third, Qualitative understanding: 

Understanding the impact can only be achieved through inspecting the comments yourself. Yes, yourself. It is in the comments that you will find the true opinions of the viewers and the real nature of their engagement. They simply tell you the truth, you just have to read it.

Also, when are the likes and hearts most likely to appear? What is the pattern of viewership that is related to your content? Is there a specific point in time in the video (we are assuming a video here) where followers are abandoning the content? What was it about? Is it related to a specific  aspect of your business? Is this pattern apparent in other similar pieces too? Is it when the price is mentioned, or when a feature is introduced? This is important because through these two simple patterns you may know what is most attractive and what is not.

In our upcoming piece related to reading numbers, we’ll be inspecting patterns and numbers at your end of the influencer marketing campaign. How are your social media pages and accounts being affected by the campaign? Is there a spike in sales to be expected? Such questions and more in our upcoming article so stay tuned.

Got more questions? Aspects of social media and influencer marketing that you’d like us to write about? OMNES influencers is always here for you. Drop us a message!

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