Your influencer marketing campaign checklist!

Apr 05, 2022
Your influencer marketing campaign checklist!

Your influencer marketing campaign checklist!

What’s better than a checklist? Nothing!

So you’re ready to launch your influencer marketing campaign. You’ve chosen the influencers, the social media channels, and in the few coming days original relevant content will start flowing online. What else do you have to cross off your list?

Following are 5 things you need to make sure you have prepared for your social media influencer marketing campaign to launch smoothly.

First, is your social media team ready? By ready we mean three things: is there someone online to handle your accounts during the live streaming? It is key to be able to engage with the new users in a timely and fulfilling manner. So, is your social media officer equipped with the necessary answers that you anticipate during and right after streaming your influencer marketing content? Does your social media team have the needed authorization to play along? Your team will have to engage with users in a manner that is consistent with your brand identity, answer unexpected questions, and sometimes, if the moment is right, offer discounts and encouragement to new users.

Second, is your sales team ready, informed, and anticipating an increase in calls (or bookings, etc.)? One major setback that has faced both, large institutions and young start-ups, is the lack of coordination between the marketing team and the customer service (or sales) team. Make sure related teams across your organization are well informed about the launch, end, and objectives of your campaign. Otherwise, precious relevant users will be lost as your colleagues struggle to handle an influx in unexpected questions or bookings.

Third, is your schedule correctly arranged? Timing is everything. This is true for two aspects of your influencer marketing campaign. Externally, i.e. in relation to your partners (the influencers), are the dates you’ve set for streaming thoughtfully picked? Have you missed a special holiday that may negatively influence the campaign? Is there an overlap or a gap that should be avoided? On the other hand, is timing thoughtfully picked for your organization internally? This varies between companies, but generally speaking: is your influencer marketing campaign complementing your marketing efforts at large? Are you complementing other sales and campaigning efforts?

Forth, your latest social media posts! A follower for one influencer you are working with has just learned about your brand, as they watch the content, they are likely to land on one of your social media accounts, what will they see? Make sure your latest content is relevant, aligned with your over all marketing campaign. Most important of all though, look at the engagement patterns. Are the most frequently asked questions well answered in the comments? Should you post something that answers a common concern or question that is often appears in the comments? Pay attention to which posts work better with your followers, as compared to the ones that are doing well with the new users. Be ready to learn something new.

Source: omnesinfluencers