Word-of-Mouth Commerce is the Next Evolution of Influencer Marketing

Mar 07, 2024
Word-of-Mouth Commerce is the Next Evolution of Influencer Marketing
Aspire.io drives word-of-mouth commerce at scale for 900+ global giants and high-growth DTC brands, cutting through the noise of traditional paths to purchase.

Fighting rising acquisition costs, the sunsetting of third-party cookies, and the dwindling returns of once highly-profitable advertising channels, marketing leaders are shifting their channel mix towards a source of unmatched returns: letting consumers themselves (and people they trust) do the selling. Aspire.io, the world’s leading word-of-mouth commerce company, has built a powerhouse platform and industry-leading Agency to drive revenue in the way commerce began - trusted, word-of-mouth recommendations through ambassadors, influencers, affiliates, customers, user-generated content, and social ads to drive efficiency across paid, owned, and earned.

“With rising ad costs and the loss of cookie tracking, the best brands are going back to the basics, tapping into their communities to drive sustainable growth,” said Anand Kishore, CEO at Aspire. “Word-of-mouth used to be associated with unpaid, unscalable growth, but today is highly scalable, profitable, and efficient.”

Traditional, brand-produced content is no longer effective, especially with younger Gen Z audiences who crave authenticity, realness, and low-fidelity content. Consumers want product recommendations from trusted, familiar faces and peers with 69% of buyers trusting influencer recommendations. Plus, marketing channels such as email and websites are losing the consumers’ attention to social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram - which are now search, content, and point-of-purchase powerhouses. The distance between inspiration and transaction is shorter than ever, and Aspire operationalizes word-of-mouth marketing at the largest scale and on the biggest stage - social media platforms.

92% of consumers trust recommendations over a company’s messaging and 73% of online shoppers agreed that user-generated content made them more confident when purchasing. With the world’s largest creator marketplace of 1 million+ influencers; an industry-leading Agency Services team with over 100 subject matter experts; customizable, flexible workflows; and trusted first-party data integrations with social networks, Aspire helps leading brands find influencers, manage customer advocacy campaigns, create ads, and optimize revenue performance - all in one place. Marketers can consistently improve attributable ROI through the power of word-of-mouth generated content and maximize time and resource efficiency with product fulfillment, customizable workflows, seamless brief sending, and content approval.

Aspire’s word-of-mouth commerce platform helps ecommerce teams maximize conversions, drive revenue, and lower content production costs. Additionally, Aspire’s in-house, full-service agency has helped Fortune 500 companies and fast-growing e-commerce brands alike quickly develop and execute high-impact word-of-mouth campaigns with over 600,000 campaigns and $100M has paid out to creators. With bespoke, performance-driven strategies for household names like M&Ms, Keurig, Samsung, Dyson, and more, Aspire’s Agency Service team offers a unique blend of technology and transparent, upfront pricing and fees.

”Aspire unlocked the ability for us to attribute value to our influencer program,” said Lauren Rueter, Influencer and Community, at RugsUSA. “We can now reliably track the impact of conversions, engagement, and impressions that come from word-of-mouth marketing.”

Source: webwire