What to look for in your influencer marketing agency

Jan 19, 2022
What to look for in your influencer marketing agency

What to look for in your influencer marketing agency

Diversity: not only in content types, but also in people and styles. Diversity may very well be one of the most important assets an agency could capitalize on in the 21st century. The immediate result of it is: content that appeals to your target audience, who are also diverse.

Diversity in content styles provided by influencer marketing agency is key for you to be able to appeal to the emotions, dreams, and aspirations of the consumers. It is not just an influencer with a large number of followers that you should seek, but an influencer who can fit in your brand identity. That is why diversity is important.

Professionalism: everybody seeks that, yet how do you spot it? What points should you be looking for to ensure you got the right agency?

Your first point of interest should be consistency in communication. Regardless of how many hours it takes for you to get a reply, what matters most is the consistency in quality and responsiveness.

Your second point to pay attention to is probably “care”. An influencer marketing agency that simply does what you want them to does not necessarily serve your best interest. You should feel the caring of an agency through the honesty in their feedback, in their recommendations and comments. Make sure you work with people who disagree with you when it matters most.

Compatible or complementary? When seeking your new business partner, you might want to consider the question: “Am I looking for a business partner that thinks like I do? Or one that thinks in ways I do not?”

The answer is not straightforward. Depending on the culture of your brand you may want a partner that thinks like you, this will make the discussions faster, and the implementation will see light sooner. Yet, on the other hand, sometimes you benefit from bringing in a new perspective to your marketing, a new angle of looking at the problem and often come up with ideas that surprise you, or tackle issues that you never thought of before.

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