Want to be a social media influencer? Now you can get a degree in it

Oct 05, 2023
Want to be a social media influencer? Now you can get a degree in it
Have you ever desired a formal education on how to become a successful social media influencer? To delve into the fundamentals of influencing, content creation, the psychology behind it, and how to leverage digital platforms to connect with millions of people worldwide?

You'd be intrigued to discover that a university in Ireland offers the country's inaugural degree program in social media influencing. Here's everything you need to know about this undergraduate course.

Southeast Technical University in Carlow, a charming town in Ireland, is set to introduce the Bachelor of Arts in 'Content Creation and Social Media.'

About the course
Applications for this three-year undergraduate program will open in November 2023, with the first cohort of students commencing in September 2024.
The curriculum for this three-year course encompasses a wide range of subjects, including Introduction to Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Psychology, Content Writing, Creative Video Production, Crisis Management, Data Journalism, Social Media Entrepreneurship, and other pertinent modules.
Graduates of this course can explore diverse career options, including content creation, journalism, influencing, digital design, content management, content writing, and more.
The realm of content creation and social media influencing has evolved into a lucrative field. With individuals transitioning into full-time influencers, it was only a matter of time before educational institutions embraced social media influencing, offering a degree that instructs students on harnessing the potential of social media to create an impact in the world.

In this rapidly expanding global influencer market, employment opportunities are limitless.

Dr Eleanor O'Leary, a lecturer in media and communications at Southeast Technical University, conversed with Irish broadcaster RTÉ.
She pointed out that since 2019, the social media influencing sector has doubled in value globally and is estimated to be worth between €14 billion and €16 billion (£12 billion-£14 billion) worldwide.
She also emphasized, "It's an area that requires specific skill sets, drawing on existing media, PR, and marketing skills while also constituting a distinct field in itself."

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