Turn Your Influencers Into Brand Ambassadors!

Oct 03, 2021
Turn Your Influencers Into Brand Ambassadors!

Turn Your Influencers Into Brand Ambassadors! 

In previous articles, we spoke about the rise of influencer marketing, and the importance of having public figures your customers can relate to. Influencers who have established strong relationships with their followers are truly beneficial for brands, and can turn your sales and awareness campaigns around, when it comes to short- and long-term partnerships. 

In today’s article, we will only tackle long term associations, where partnerships are extended over long periods of time. In order for these partnerships to be fruitful, they need to be built not only on trust but also on loyalty. 

When brands succeed in finding influencers that are truly loyal to their products, and that genuinely believe in them, they seek longer partnerships that go beyond campaigns. This is when a campaign influencer turns to a partner; an ambassador that represents the brand at all the times and in all occasions. 

How to find these influencers and turn them into brand ambassadors? Well, that’s quite easy actually! 

Find an influencer that GENUINELY believes in your products! 

This may seem easy at first, but it really isn’t. You need to identify an influencer who is not just in it for the money. You need someone who uses the brand on and off camera, someone who believes in you, and will sound super authentic selling this to their followers!

Once you have found your influencer, make sure you always involve them in campaign communications. Give them room to be part of your campaign, let them feel like they are part of this and not just a tool you use to upsell. If the chemistry is right, you know you’ve got yourself a potential brand ambassador!

Remember, this goes far beyond sales and reporting, this is a long-term partnership, based on their ability to spread positive messages, provide customer service, and act as your brand’s spokesperson when necessary; in other words, these brand ambassadors are not tools, but merely an extension of your actual team ...

Source: khaleejtimes