The Art of Influencer Marketing: A Series on Brand-fluence and Impact

Oct 20, 2023
The Art of Influencer Marketing: A Series on Brand-fluence and Impact
With an estimated worth of $250 billion in 2023, the creator economy continues to grow. It’s no longer enough to simply pay an influencer to #sponsor your product or service. Users know they will be sold to on social media, oftentimes with the help of influencers, but they expect creativity and a genuine connection from your brand in the process. So how does a business remain authentic and credible while leveraging influencers in an increasingly skeptical online culture?

Grow your social media and influencer marketing expertise by joining us for one hour a day on Nov. 14 – Nov. 16. Get ready to gain insights and expertise from Lia Haberman, first-hand influencer knowledge from Ashleigh D’Mello, Anna Russett and Violeta Venegas, and join a workshop led by influencer Andrea Casanova! Together, we’ll unpack the creator economy, hear from influencers themselves, and learn how to build out an influencer strategy from scratch.

Making Dollars and Sense out of the Creator Economy with Lia Haberman (Nov. 14 at 1 pm CT): Lia Haberman, Insider’s “Top Creator Economy Expert,” will delve into the dynamic world of influencer marketing and its evolving digital terrain. You’ll walk away from this event with a powerful understanding of the influencer landscape, where it’s headed and questions your brand should consider as it begins or scales its influencer strategy.
Influencers Unfiltered: Secrets to Successful Brand Partnerships (Nov. 15 at 1 pm CT): In this panel discussion influencers, Ashleigh D’Mello, Anna Russett, and Violeta Venegas will share their advice and experiences in partnering with high-profile brands. Hear directly from the pros on how to most effectively approach influencers and build collaborations that set up both parties for success.
Workshop: Begin, Budget & Build Your Influencer Strategy with Andrea Casanova (Nov. 16 at 1 pm CT): Master the essential steps to kickstart your influencer marketing strategy with Creator and Content Strategist, Andrea Casanova. Learn ways to find the influencers that align with your brand’s values and goals, uncover the strategies of budget allocation and decode the metrics that matter to your brand. This webinar is your roadmap to influencer marketing success, equipping you with the knowledge and tools needed to make impactful, data-driven decisions for your brand.