Survey: Social media commerce, influencer marketing here to stay

Mar 25, 2024
Survey: Social media commerce, influencer marketing here to stay

Nearly three-quarters (74%) of American consumers have purchased a product or service because an influencer recommended it. 

That's one of the findings of creator management platform Grin's 2024 Modern Consumer Survey of 1,011 U.S. consumers, ages 18 to 65-plus.  Among Gen Z and millennial consumers, influencer recommendations eclipsed recommendations from friends and family in terms of trust (51.4% vs. 41.9%). When asked what qualities they look for that make them trust influencer recommendations, similar in lifestyle was the most popular response (62.4%), followed by similar in appearance (45.2%).

Nearly four-in-10 (38%) shoppers said the primary reason they turn to influencers for recommendations is to see products in action before buying. For Gen Z respondents, in particular, 66% watch reviews on social media before making a purchase.  

According to Grin’s survey, nearly 68% of shoppers surveyed have purchased products directly from social media apps. Over a quarter (26.1%) of respondents said they purchase products through social media more than once per week, and a higher percentage (27.2%) reported doing so at least once per month. More than half (52.8%) said they plan on using social media to research holiday gifts this year.

In other findings, Google at 43.6%, ranks as the most popular way to research products, followed by TikTok at 27.9%, jumping to 42.2% among Gen Z respondents.

“The survey’s results show that creator content is a critical part of the buyer journey for the modern consumer. Brands not doing it are missing out,” said Brandon Brown, co-founder and CEO of Grin. “Brands need to be where their customers are and they can show up in potential consumers’ daily lives through authentic creator content. Doing this aids in awareness, consideration, and purchase, and, ultimately, fosters a deeper customer connection versus traditional shopping experiences online.”

The influence of online creators goes far beyond buying new products. Grin found that 72% of respondents picked up a new hobby or interest because of social media, 78% have tried a new recipe because of a social media creator, and 67% have incorporated influencer recommendations into their travel plans.

Source: chainstoreage