Sheikh Mohammed announces $41m Dubai content creation fund and influencer headquarters

Jan 11, 2024
Sheikh Mohammed announces $41m Dubai content creation fund and influencer headquarters

Sheikh Mohammed directs fund for content creators and a permanent base for social media influencers in Dubai

Dubai has announced a $41m content creator fund and a permanent headquarters for social media influencers in the city.

The fund will support content creators with facilities and training opportunities, while an influencer HQ will be a permanent base for social media workers in Dubai.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, directed the allocation of a fund worth AED150m ($41m) to support content creators and establish a permanent influencers headquarters that provides year-round support.

Dubai social media funding and HQ

The announcement came during the 1 Billion Followers Summit, organised by the New Media Academy in Dubai.

Sheikh Mohammed pointed out that media is a true mirror of the communities and the aspirations of the people.

This is why media must keep up with the world’s knowledge, sciences and technologies, evolve its concepts an tools, and consolidate its role as a window into our national and cultural achievements.

He highlighted the importance of content creation as a tool that conveys the UAE’s story to the world, and a window into its traditions, cultural accomplishments, and the creativity of its new generations that turns ideas into reality and drives the progress of humanity.

Sheikh Mohammed said: “Today we issued directives to allocate a fund valued at AED150m to support content creators and transform the digital media sector.

“We also instructed the establishment of a permanent influencers headquarters that provides year-round support.

“These steps align with our ongoing investment in creative talents who will write new inspiring stories that will add to the UAE’s influential media presence on the global stage.

“Impactful media reflects the past and provides an inspiration for the future”.

استضافت الإمارات اليوم 3000 صانع محتوى يتابعهم أكثر من 1.8 مليار متابع من 95 دولة حول العالم في أحد أكبر التجمعات العالمية لصناع المحتوى .. نرحب بهم في الإمارات .. ونقول لهم إن صناعة المحتوى مسؤولية .. وصناعة المحتوى علم .. وصناعة المحتوى هو مستقبل الإعلام ..

وأعلنا اليوم أيضاً…

— HH Sheikh Mohammed (@HHShkMohd) January 10, 2024

Mohammad Al Gergawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs said: “The establishment of a permanent influencers headquarters reflects the vision of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, in supporting content creators, talents and innovators to help transform the digital media sector.”

Al Gergawi pointed out that the fund is dedicated to support content creators presents exceptional opportunities for them to fulfil their potential, grow their business and showcase the accomplishments and ambitions of the Emirati people to the world.

These efforts will solidify the UAE’s position as a global capital for digital content.

Establishing a permanent influencers’ headquarters, a collaboration between the UAE Government Media Office and the New Media Academy, aims to bring together top influencers and content creators, providing the optimal environment to create top content and contribute to sustainable development goals.

It will benefit media professionals and social media influencers, including content producers, developers and publishers.

The fund to support content creators, with a value of AED150m ($41m), aims to support the development of highly creative and impactful content, help content creators hone their skills and enter global markets to introduce the UAE story, its achievements and cultural contributions.

The fund also aims to attract investments in new media; a high-potential and fast-growing economic sector, nurture and empower storytelling to enhance content quality with the help of experts and academic and encourage the development of contemporary local content that serves the UAE future aspirations and further establishes its status as a destination for great talent and innovators, and a global hub for meaningful media.

The permanent influencers headquarters offers a host of services, including a dedicated studio for filming, courses on storytelling, photography, broadcasting and platform management among other areas.

It also helps them gain expertise to execute their own ideas and content, and learn skills and techniques to create impactful content, in addition to providing technical support in collaboration with world renowned names, including Google and Facebook.

Al Gergawi stressed the importance of digital media as a modern, innovative communication tool between governments and their people, and its role in raising social awareness.

He also highlighted the role of new media in enhancing government functions and nations’ government trends.

He said: “We aim to develop this promising sector by training national and Arab talents that can present valuable and enriching content.

“Our mission is not limited to attracting talents, but includes training and empowering them to become the leaders and makers of the future”.

Indicating the importance of training courses, both locally and regionally, and their role in supporting a new generation of content creators, Al Gergawi said: “Training courses aim to empower Emirati and Arab youth, providing them with the tools and knowledge needed to become active partners in the mission of building their nations and protecting their communities.”

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