Saudi driving influencer urges women to get behind the wheel

Jul 02, 2024
Saudi driving influencer urges women to get behind the wheel

RIYADH: Balqees, a trailblazing Saudi female driving enthusiast, is channeling the power of social media to empower women to get their license to drive — and do it well.

“I began driving and developing a fascination for it as a teenager, seeing it as a way to make life easier and, honestly, an adventure,” she told Arab News.

Her love and enthusiasm for driving only grew stronger after she left the Kingdom to pursue her studies. Upon her return in 2010, Balqees became a vocal advocate for women’s empowerment on the road.

Recognizing the need for more accessible and engaging driving education for women, Balqees created a TikTok account to share her knowledge and expertise with the masses.

“My team was very supportive of me and insisted that I open a TikTok account, even though I was initially skeptical about whether that was my target audience,” she explained.

The decision proved to be a game-changer, as Balqees’ account on TikTok (@b9ths10) has since amassed nearly 600,000 followers, indicating a market for such content tailored toward women in the region.

Balqees’ videos are meticulously produced, tackling topics like safe driving, common driving mistakes and obstacles in an engaging and informative manner. She also demonstrates and explains what to do in tricky situations on the road.

“We work very hard on our videos as one video takes days to create and produce, but the team helps and supports me,” she noted

Despite facing naysayers, Balqees has remained steadfast in her determination to contribute her perpsective on the skill.

“Not all people in my life were supportive, as many were asking me to stop having big dreams and give up on my passions, but I didn't listen to the negativity and continued doing what I like to do and didn’t give up,” she said with unwavering resolve.

Balqees’ perseverance has paid off in remarkable ways. Her compelling content and infectious enthusiasm for driving have attracted the attention of major brands, both in the automotive industry and beyond, making her a prominent voice in the community.

“Social media is a sea full of opportunities, and we should watch it to benefit from and exchange experiences and make a profit,” she added.

Balqees’ message to young women who are still hesitant to start driving is one of empowerment and self-belief: “Invest in yourself and learning experiences because you are the only one who will save yourself.”

Balqees stands as an example of what can be achieved when women are given the freedom to pursue their passions and dreams.

Her story is a testament to the power of perseverance, resilience, and the transformative impact that women can have on society when they are empowered to take the wheel.

Source: arabnews