Report: Marketers Now Have More Personnel Dedicated to Influencer Marketing

Jan 06, 2023
Report: Marketers Now Have More Personnel Dedicated to Influencer Marketing

New research suggests that marketers are becoming increasingly invested in influencer marketing, but they are prioritizing the measurement of its impact as they shift toward this tactic.

CreatorIQ recently published its “Influencer Marketing Trends Report,” and statistics indicated that most marketing teams (35%) now have between three and five marketers dedicated to influencer marketing, while 20% have six or more focused on this area. About 49% claim that their number of personnel dedicated to influencer marketing has “slightly increased.”

That being said, most respondents (64%) stated that measuring and reporting on the performance of their influencer marketing program is a primary or secondary priority. In terms of key performance indicators, the majority of marketers (37%) cited conversions, followed by engagement rate (30%).

“As the creator economy expands, it’s increasingly important for brands to rely on a standard set of metrics to measure performance,” wrote the authors of the report.

Influencer Marketing Begins to Yield Positive Results

With more marketers exploring the potential of influencer marketing, previous research suggests that they are beginning to see its return-on-investment. teamed up with WARC to conduct the “Aligning Marketers and Influencers” report, and statistics indicated that most marketers (65%) now believe that influencer collaborations work for them more often than not. About 12% of respondents stated that it almost always works for them.

Generally speaking, 80% of marketers stated that influencer marketing pays off for them when the influencer creates content that highlights their organization. Most respondents (72%) measure the impact of influencer marketing with increased engagement. Furthermore, the majority of marketers (32%) say that influencer marketing scores the highest for them when they see a rise in engagement.

Source: komarketing