Radio leveraging influencer marketing and AI to reach consumers

Nov 21, 2022
Radio leveraging influencer marketing and AI to reach consumers

Radio’s progressive nature reaps from its fortitude to keep developing the medium with the objective of staying relevant. In light of the dramatic shift in consumer behaviour that followed the pandemic, several organisations across industries had to refocus, re-evaluate, and revamp their business strategy. This is one of the key reasons for radio’s rapid adaptation to the digital age. While the radio industry was gently moving towards integrating digital technologies, the pandemic provided a much-required fillip to the industry to delve into offering digital solutions. The future of radio will witness a greater amalgamation of the radio plus digital offerings i.e. ‘Radigitalisation’. This phenomenon has led to radio jockeys becoming social media influencers leading to an upsurge in radio influencer marketing.

Stupendous rise of RJ Influencers on social media platforms

RJs are regarded as the radio industry’s most reputable voices and are credited for driving hyperlocal content to the public. The pandemic-led lockdown spawned a new trend where RJs established a deeper relationship with the audience via social media platforms by extending engagement beyond radio hours. This presented the radio industry with a visual charm, as radio jockeys presence on digital channels increased significantly, leading to better augmentation of the audience base. As RJs have a prominent presence on social media, a rising number of brands have been showing an inclination towards utilising the strength of RJ influencers to deliver their messages to the target groups.

Advertisers integrating RJs influencers in their marketing strategy

Audiences have become avid social media users which have compelled advertisers and marketers to develop digital brand campaigns to target them effectively. As influencers, RJs voice powerful messages to their audiences who are hooked to social networking sites to consume content for entertainment, knowledge, and interact with others. This provides advertisers with a perfect opportunity to employ influential RJs to promote their products and drive sales. Radio jockeys have a strong connection with their listeners making them highly impactful to persuade the audience in increasing brand recognition. As RJs have a hyper-local approach, this becomes advantageous for advertisers seeking to target niche audiences. RJ influencers collaborate with brands to execute digitally integrated, passively engaging consumer campaigns. Using their influence, they integrate and optimise radio and digital channels as essential marketing solutions.

RJ influencer collaborations – A sweet spot for advertisers and audiences

Collaboration between RJ influencers and brands is the key to harnessing multi-platform content and reinforcing captivating products with audiences to influence their decisions. RJ-business collaborations are set to become the radio industry’s key touchpoint not only in metro cities but also across tier 2 and tier 3 regions. RJ influencers integrate and optimise radio and digital as fundamental marketing solutions using their geographical prowess. Hyperlocal content in the native language, shows, reels, videos, interviews, chats, podcasts, and vlogs enable deeper engagement and communication with fans and listeners from that region. Social media platforms have offered audiences an opportunity to enhance their relationship with their beloved RJs who were essentially renowned voices on the radio. This lets brands and advertisers choose RJs as brand guardians and engage audiences well.

Rise of AI to leverage data and target relevant consumers with regional content

Being able to effectively reach listeners in every part of the country is a top priority for the radio industry. The application of Artificial intelligence (AI) to leverage consumer data in identifying the target group with regional content can aid in optimising time-consuming data analysis. It can support to the identification of possibilities, trends, and themes; and free up data put by the company to use and be more creative, ultimately leading to improved performance. As a result, there are several advantages to using AI to analyse consumer data and then target specific consumers with content tailored to their geographic location.

AI-driven Influencer marketing allows Radio to augment its advertising prowess

AI has a wide range of applications and one such example is choosing music and content that listeners desire to hear. A human RJ cannot be replaced, but an algorithm might aid in distributing relevant and trending content more effectively. AI-driven influencer marketing uses analytics to determine appropriate music genres and content combinations. This technology aids in magnifying the advertiser’s selection of RJ influencers according to their requirement and builds a win-win situation for both the radio platform and the advertiser.

Influencer marketing and AI have the power to be the panacea to myriad challenges, and their application in the radio broadcasting sector can be beneficial. I believe new technologies and digital integration will continue to positively contribute to the growth of the radio industry and allow advertisers to continue utilising the power of radio and digital solutions. The ultimate goal is to improve the advertiser’s experience and widen their audience engagement using the radio with digital offerings. Lastly, RJ-led influencer engagement has enormous potential for growth thereby spanning the next phase of growth in the radio industry.

Source: financialexpress