Netflix's Hype House: Which TikTok influencers star in new show?

Oct 17, 2022
Netflix's Hype House: Which TikTok influencers star in new show?
The Netflix show you've been waiting for

Since downloading TikTok in the first lockdown, the Hype House collective have been on our radar. And now, they're on our TV screens too, thanks to new Netflix reality show Hype House, which gets up close and personal with the content creators. But what actually *is* Hype House, and who is a part of it?

Essentially, Hype House is a collective of TikTok and social media influencers, which was formed in December 2019 by 19-year-old TikTok star Lil Huddy (Chase Hudson) and 23-year-old YouTuber Thomas Petrou. The pair decided to move a group of young influencers into one space to make creating content easier and more efficient, allowing them to star in and promote each other's videos.

Initially, Hype House consisted of Thomas Petrou, Chase Hudson, Daisy Keech, Alex Warren, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, Addison Rae, Kouvr Annon, Avani Gregg, Ryland Storms, Calvin Goldby, Connor Yates, Patrick Huston, and Nick Austin.

Now though, it's a fairly different line up, with the Netflix show instead starring a mix of old and new faces - Petrou, Hudson, Warren, Annon, Storms, Goldby, Huston and Yates from before are joined by Larray (Larri Merritt), Mia Hayward, Jack Wright, Michael Sanzone, Sienna Mae Gomez, and Vinnie Hacker, as well as Nikita Dragun.

Here's a quick run down of everyone associated with the Hype House, including where to find them on TikTok (of course.)

1. The Hype House crew - Ages, TikTok usernames and Instagrams

Speaking to the New York Times back in 2020, founding member of Hype House Thomas explained it was ~not~ created for partying, but rather making content.

"If someone slips up constantly, they’ll not be a part of this team anymore," he commented. "You can’t come and stay with us for a week and not make any videos, it’s not going to work. This whole house is designed for productivity. If you want to party, there’s hundreds of houses that throw parties in L.A. every weekend. We don’t want to be that. It’s not in line with anyone in this house’s brand. This house is about creating something big, and you can’t do that if you’re going out on the weekends."


2. Thomas Petrou

Who: The 23-year-old has been around on YouTube for a while, and amassed 1.83m subscribers. His TikTok also has 8million followers, and he seemingly pulls the most pranks out of everyone in Hype House.

Before the Hype House, Thomas was affiliated with Jake Paul’s Team 10, and appeared in several videos with Jake, Erika Costell and Tessa Brooks.

TikTok account: @petroutv

3. Chase Hudson (aka Lil Huddy)

Who: Even though 19-year-old Chase is mega successful on TikTok with 32 million followers, he's also got over 2.2m subscribers on YouTube. He's renowned for his lip syncing videos and was going out with Charli.

Chase was one of the founding members of Hype House, and acts as the unofficial talent scout for the group. He told NYT, in order to succeed on TikTok, "you either have to be talented at something, or a weird funny mix, or extremely good looking.”

TikTok account: @lilhuddy

4. Alex Warren

Who: With over 2.6million YouTube subscribers and 14million followers on TikTok, Alex is a prolific content creator. He was accused by David Dobrik fans of copying the YouTuber's creation style, and is going out with fellow Hyper Kouvr Annon (more on her later.)

Alex claims to be the one who came up with the Hype House name, telling Insider: "For the longest time they wanted to name it House of Olympics. I'm like 'Hype House, you know, Charli has the hype,' that's a saying, and hype is all about what's popular now."

TikTok account: @alexwaarren

5. Connor Yates
Who: 23-year-old Connor is one of the older members of Hype House. He's a self proclaimed stunt man, and partakes in a lot of the less-choreographed, more-Jake Paul esque TikToks from Hype House. Connor has 780k TikTok followers, and 157k Instagram followers.

TikTok account: @paperyates

Anything else you should know?

6. Ryland Storms

Who: The 22-year-old is mainly known for his dance and comedy content, has 190k YouTube subscribers and 4.3million TikTok followers.

TikTok account: @rylandstormss

7. Nick Austin

Who: 21-year-old Nick is a lip syncer and dancer, who comes from San Diego in California. He has over 3million Instagram followers and 9million followers on TikTok.

TikTok account: @nickaustinn

8. Kouvr Annon

Who: 22-year-old Kouvr is from San Diego and has close to 2.2m Instagram followers and 13.5 million followers on TikTok. She's known for making dancing videos, as well as with boyfriend Alex, who also lives at Hype House. Alex and Kouvr started dating in December 2018 and have been together for three years.

TikTok account: @k0uvr

9. James Wright

Who: 19-year-old James Wright is known for his comedy and lip-syncing videos, as well as for collaborating often with his twin brother Jack.

TikTok account: @jameswrightt

10. Jack Wright

Who: Meet James's twin brother, Jack! Jack has 8.8million TikTok followers and 1.3m Instagram followers, and as the pair recently left school.

TikTok account:@jack.wright

11. Calvin Goldby

Who: 22-year-old Calvin's TikTok is most popular for its comedy skits, and has helped him gain 1.2m followers. He shared an insight into a day in the life at Hype House on his YouTube.

TikTok account: @calvingoldby

12. Larray (Larri Merritt)

Who: 23-year-old Larray creates comedy videos for his large social media following, amassing over 8million YouTube subscribers.

TikTok: @larrayeeee

13. Mia Hayward

Who: 21-year-old Mia from San Diego, California, is a recent addition to the Hype House. She has been dating Thomas Petrou since June 2020, and the pair own a dog together.

TikTok: @miahayward

14. Michael Sanzone

Who: Michael fron San Pedro has 2.6million TikTok followers, and is popular thanks to his comedy and dance videos.

TikTok: @sanzone

15. Sienna Mae Gomez

Who: Thanks to her body confidence and dance TikToks, Sienna has over 14million followers. She also used to date fellow Hype House member Jack Wright.

TikTok: @siennamae

16. Vinnie Hacker

Who: Originally from Washington, Vinnie is a model with over 5million Instagram followers and 12.8million TikTok followers. He posts lip sync and moody posing videos.

TikTok: @vhacker

17. Nikita Dragun

Who: Although not officially a member of the Hype House, Nikita makes an appearance in the Netflix show. She is a YouTuber, makeup artist and model with 9million Instagram followers and 14million TikTok followers.

TikTok: @nikitadragon

18. Charli D’Amelio - old Hype House member

Who: 17-year-old Charli, from Connecticut, is one of the most followed people on TikTok - with a massive 79.9 million people watching her every move. Thanks to her dancing background, she choreographs a number of dances that eventually go viral on the app, most notably the one to the song 'Renegade'.

She was dating Hype House co-founder Chase Hudson, aka Lil Huddy, and actually trained as a dancer for a brief time, under Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms.

TikTok account: @charlidamelio

19. Ondreaz Lopez - old Hype House member

Who: 24-year-old Ondreaz Lopez is part of Hype House with his brother Tony Lopez, and together they're known as the Lopez Brothers. They're trained dancers from Las Vegas.

TikTok account: @ondreazlopez

20. Tony Lopez - old Hype House member

Who: 22-year-old Tony makes up the younger member of the Lopez Brothers, who gained traction when they began filming and sharing their dance routines. The pair have 1.62m YouTube followers on their joint account, where they share behind the scenes looks at their TikToks.

TikTok account: @tonylopez

21. Addison Rae - old Hype House member

Who: With close to 86million followers, the 19-year-old is one of the most followed people on TikTok. She makes dancing videos as well as with her family, who are also on TikTok - her mum Sheri and her dad Monty both have accounts, and her two younger brothers share an account.

TikTok account: @addisonrae

22. Daisy Keech - old Hype House member

Who: In a tea-filled video on her YouTube channel, 22-year-old Daisy revealed she has filed a lawsuit against Lil Huddy and Thomas Petrou. In it, she claims she played a vital role in the creation of Hype House and put $18K down to secure the home where the collective is based—but she gets barely any credit for being a co-founder.

TikTok account: @daisykeech

23. Dixie D’Amelio - old Hype House member

Who: 20-year-old Dixie is Charli's older sister, and also a member of Hype House. She has over 25million Instagram followers, and although she does dance, makes less routine based videos than her sister.

Both sisters are signed with the talent agency UTA, along with their mum Heidi and dad Marc. Yep, they're a famous social media family. She's also dating fellow TikToker Noah Beck.

Source: cosmopolitan