Meghan Markle could become world's highest-paid influencer: Duchess could rake in £200,000 per post after befriending guru behind Cindy Crawford and JLo's beauty lines and could rival Kim Kar

Jun 19, 2023
Meghan Markle could become world's highest-paid influencer: Duchess could rake in £200,000 per post after befriending guru behind Cindy Crawford and JLo's beauty lines and could rival Kim Kar

Meghan Markle could become one of the highest paid influencers in the world, receiving £200,000 per post to endorse brands, experts have suggested, as she is tipped to become the new face of French fashion house Dior.

The Duchess of Sussex was dealt a blow by audio giant Spotify earlier this week after it was announced that they would not be renewing her podcast Archetypes for a second season following a 'mutual' decision - a move that could see Meghan and Prince Harry lose $10 million

But Meghan is set to weather the storm, reclaiming her identity with one insider close to the California-based couple claiming she could be 'worth hundreds of millions of dollars' if she does accept the brand deals reportedly being thrown her way.

Brand and culture expert Nick Ede told MailOnline today that 'Meghan could become one of the biggest influencers in the world' and 'could command millions' by becoming the face of Dior. 

He added that if the deal goes ahead it could even rival the revenue Kim Kardashian has brought in over the years through her partnership with Dolce & Gabanna - which saw her paid $47 million for simply wearing the designer on her wedding day. 

As part of her revamp, the Duchess has befriended marketing expert Victoria Jackson, who was behind one of the first TV 'infomercial' make-up empires.

She is married to Bill Guthy, whose marketing company Guthy-Renker, helped former supermodel Cindy Crawford turn her Meaningful Beauty line of cosmetics into a £80 million brand. She also represents Jenifer Lopez's company, JLo Beauty.

'Meghan and Victoria are very close. If anyone can help Meghan develop a skincare or make-up brand it's Victoria and Bill,' a Montecito source told the Mail on Sunday.

It comes amid suggestions that Meghan could soon look to bring her wellness and lifestyle blog The Tig, in a bid to rival Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop website, which is reportedly worth £200million.

She recently renewed her trademark for the website that she began in 2014 but closed down in 2017 after getting engaged to Prince Harry.

Mr Ede added: 'Meghan could become one of the biggest influencers in the world. 

'She is already one of the most talked about and photographed people so maximising her profit and aligning herself with these brands is a very lucrative step.

'The whole Kardashian family had a commercial relationship with Dolce and Gabbanna which proved massive for brand sales and their family in fees.

'With a brand like Dior affiliating with her they could be spending millions on her and make millions too. Meghan therefore could command millions by being a face of Dior and she could make hundreds of thousands per post.'

Alison Bringe, of brand performance company Lauchmetrics added: 'She'll be in line with the best-paid mega-influencers, if not the highest paid in the world.'

Those in Los Angeles believe Meghan could be on the brink of singing a deal with Dior, to become the face of the company alongside stars such as Johnny Depp, Rihanna and Jenifer Lawrence.

If she does sign with the brand, she could be on par with the £15 million handed to Depp to remain the face of its men's fragrance Sauvage.

It would not be a complete shock if Meghan were to sign with the designer. She has been a fan of its fashion for years, wearing it head-to-toe at the Queen's Platinum Jubilee service.

Two years ago, she carried a monogrammed version of the iconic Lady Dior bag to a Global Citizen concert in New York.

And just last month Prince Harry made the bold decision to pair with the French designer for the King's Coronation instead of military garments.

The Duchess's rebrand is being headed by her new talent agency William Morris Endeavour (WME) who head up some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Oprah Winfrey - one the couple's closest friends, who hosted their first bombshell interview in 2021 after leaving the royal family for California.

Ari Emanuel is the chief of the talent agency and is said to be 'the best in the business' when it comes to 'corporate deals and making money'.

Insiders at the agency claim that 'offers have been pouring in' since the Duchess signed with WME - including offers to place her Spotify podcast elsewhere.

Jeremy Murphy, who runs New York's 360bespoke PR agency, added that Meghan is reclaiming her identity.

'She and Harry seem to be on different tracks which could be an issue,' he said.

'I don't think most people know what Harry believes in other than his wife and children.

'A growing number of people look at Harry as a deer caught in the headlights and she's steering the car. Ari Emanuel is going to fix that. There's finally an adult in the room.'

Experts claimed earlier this week that the actress-turned-royal and Prince Harry would not be receiving the full payout from their $20 million deal with Spotify for not meeting the productivity benchmark.

The deal was signed in 2020 but delivered only 13 hours of airtime in two and half years. It included 12 episodes and a one-off holiday special.

We knew the Spotify announcement was coming,' a source told the Mail on Sunday.

'It might be a shock to everyone else, but we've been working on the rebranding of Meghan for weeks.

'Ari is the best in the business when it comes to corporate deals and making money. He's excited to be representing Meghan and has thrown all his energy into it. The offers have been pouring in, including from other podcast platforms.'

A spokesperson for Spotify said: 'Spotify and Archewell Audio have mutually agreed to part ways and are proud of the series we made together.'  

But Head of Podcast Innovation and Monetization at Spotify Bill Simmons branded the pair 'f***ing grifters' (American for con artists). 

And Netflix are also said to be conducting an 'ongoing review' of its £80 million deal with the Sussexes.

Either way, the Duke and Duchess will need to find a stream of revenue to continue to fund their extravagant lifestyle.

Public records in the US show they bought their 16-bathroom Montecito mansion in 2020 for $14.65 million (£11.4 million) and have a $9.5 million (£7.4 million) mortgage on it. On top of that there are annual property taxes of $141,403 (£113,000).

Their security costs are also estimated to be at around £2 million a year, on top of the costs of staff, such as nannies, household help, gardeners and travel costs - including private jets.

Source: dailymail