Mega Influencers, Logan Paul & KSI, Reveal How Much Money They've Made Since Launching Prime Hydration 1 Year Ago.

Feb 28, 2023
Mega Influencers, Logan Paul & KSI, Reveal How Much Money They've Made Since Launching Prime Hydration 1 Year Ago.

With influencers like Kylie Jenner and Conor McGregor pocketing $600 million each, in 2022, from their respective brands (Kylie Cosmetics and Proper Twelve Whiskey). And, The Rock moving to an $800 million net worth after inking a clothing deal with Under Armour.

Whether it be from reality television, jumping off the top rope at WWE events, or fighting in a steel cage, the success of these businesses all began with the same ingredient -- influence.

Influencer marketing is disrupting conventional business practices -- and many of the biggest brands are now being built by self-made social media stars. YouTube royalty, MrBeast, for example, recently launched a handful of food companies that have moved his brand into billionaire territory.

And the next batch of influencers are crossing over from social media to mainstream fame.

Two perfect examples of this are social media superstars KSI & Logan Paul.

KSI, 29, and Logan Paul, 27, hailing from opposite sides of the world (U.K. & U.S.), made their starts on YouTube and Vine (back when Vine was a thing) as teenagers. After amassing audiences in the tens of millions, the unlikely tag team has combined forces to take over the hydration market.

Ironically, their relationship began as a rivalry, culminating in 2 professional boxing matches in 2018 & 2019. This foe-turned-friend story arc has become a theme for their new hydration company, Prime.

Since its launch on January 4th, 2022, the drink has been wildly successful. After a live stream from Logan and KSI announcing that Prime was available in country-wide Walmart locations, rabid fans of the pair stormed store shelves, buying every case available.

By January 8th, Prime's online store had sold out, posting this message:

Prime has now begun selling its coconut-water based beverage in the UK, with plans of spreading to the rest of the world. And, as demand for Prime continues to rise, fans have begun reselling the beverage on eBay and Amazon at exorbitantly heightened prices.

During a recent interview on KIIS FM, Logan and KSI revealed the earnings from Prime's first year of business:

  • $250 million in retail sales
  • $10 million gross (internal revenue)

And, in January of 2023, the company has already pulled in $45 million in retail sales.

But, even with all the success Prime has enjoyed in its first year of launch, it wasn't always a clear decision. On an episode of "The MMA Hour", KSI revealed to host, Ariel Helwani, that he was ready to pull out of the deal just days before launch.

But, lucky for him and millions of fans around the world, he was persuaded to go ahead with the launch.

Prime's launch seems to have perfectly coincided with a boom in both Logan and KSI's entertainment careers -- with KSI topping UK's music charts and Logan Paul recently being signed to the WWE, making his most recent appearance at The Royal Rumble, in January of 2023.

It goes to show that money doesn't discriminate. And, influence seems to be the currency of the future.

Source: newsbreak