Media agencies invest in creative arms for better influencer marketing

May 23, 2024
Media agencies invest in creative arms for better influencer marketing
Influencer, user generated content (UGC) and creator marketing is now a front-and-centre component of media plans, according to representatives from the major social media platforms.

Agencies are committing greater resources to influencer advertising, with the market forecast to be worth $24 billion USD this year.

TikTok SMB agency sales leader Aleksandra Wocial has noticed media agencies are either adding a creative arm to their media buying business or looking for a creative partner, not only to create video assets for social media, but also to make choosing the right creator more efficient.

In return, brands are now seeing creators and influences drive bottom of funnel results.

Snap head of mid market Evan Tsaprounis said a brand's marketing is not properly set up if UGC is not running across social media platforms. 

Pinterest CPG lead client partner Dee Weber said the platform is seeing how UGC content is shifting buying consideration.

"More than half of our audience is coming to our platform to shop," Weber said on stage at IMAA’s Digi-Byte event.

"As a consumer celebrity ambassadors may get my attention and create hype, but maybe I don't connect or resonate with Haley Bieber or Meryl Streep.

"But then [if a brand] retargets me with a video from a creator who potentially walks, talks, looks a little bit more like me I'm probably going to be pushing that 'Buy Now' button so much more than if I'd only seen that Meryl Streep creative."

However agencies are still working out how to best maximise the channel.

It's really important for agencies to think of influencers and creators no longer an add on or a test budget, but actually as a real line on a media plan now, Meta head of ANZ independent agencies Kristy Barclay-Allen said.

LinkedIn agency development lead ANZ Sarah Fuller said the measurement of influencer marketing strategy needs more work.

"So when we talk about measurement influencencers need to be its own channel now versus just a sub channel," Fuller said.

"More tactically we aren't measuring influencer and social in the same way, when we talk about social we might be talking about reach and impressions. But when we're talking about influencer it could be engagement - they're just not apples to apples.

"So when we are working with our clients, we really need to understand well what's moving the needle for the business, and let's get on the same pages that and then start talking in those metrics, because that's when you really start to prove the value."

Source: adnews