Live Current's New "Participation Engine" is Bringing Together Two Powerful Technologies to Enable, Creators, Influencers and Companies to Reach Untapped Markets

Mar 02, 2023
Live Current's New "Participation Engine" is Bringing Together Two Powerful Technologies to Enable, Creators, Influencers and Companies to Reach Untapped Markets

LIVC's Integration of BrandSpike and Gofamer Will Create a Data-Driven Platform to Match Brands with Influencers and Creators in More Powerful and Meaningful Ways

SAN DIEGO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 28, 2023 / Live Current Media, Inc. ("Live Current" or the "Company") (OTCQB:LIVC) announces that it is integrating its dynamic targeting technology platform BrandSpike (built upon the Company's PowerSpike platform) into the Company's most recent acquisition, Gofamer Oy, ("Gofamer") creating a new and powerful Data-driven solution that enables creators, influencers and businesses to reach untapped markets and more deeply engage with their core audiences. The integration will also enable brands to connect with creators and influencers in new and increasingly imaginative ways, becoming a cornerstone of Live Current's growing Creator Economy Exosystem.

"Marketers too often find themselves left in the dark when they attempt to judge the efficiency of their campaigns, and traditional marketing metrics simply don't apply to the creator economy," said Live Current CEO Mark Ollila. "Our Participation Engine, combines proprietary targeting and reach characteristics with deep performance analytics to create one toolset that creators, influencers and brands alike can use to make contact, driving awareness, revenue and customer satisfaction in the creator economy."

Live Current's Participation Engine will aggregate cross-platform influencer profiles to find creators and seamlessly connect them with brands. By combining data from multiple platforms, brands can identify the most effective creators to partner with for their campaigns, measuring their engagement, reach and audience demographics, and monitor outcome for optimized performance, further bridging the gap between creators and brands.

Live Current has focused on empowering "Independent Creators", who are often referred to as "Micro Influencers". These creators typically have less than 100K followers on social media but often have deeper ties with their core audiences. According to Social Bakers, micro-influencers boast up to a 60% increased engagement rate compared to macro-influencers, making them valuable assets for marketing campaigns. Forbes states that micro-influencers also have a 20% higher conversion rate that can help brands boost their e-commerce sales.

About Gofamer

The Gofamer platform solves multiple challenges facing creators and digital marketers by providing transparency and reliability to campaigns, aids in advancing online activities and generates reports with only a few clicks. Gofamer's features enable brands to pinpoint the perfect combination of Independent Creators for their campaigns and fairly evaluate the creators using the company's patented dynamic ranking metric, measuring social media outreach.

About BrandSpike

Powerspike was originally created to collaborate with thousands of gaming and esports influencers to execute premium, authentic influencer marketing campaigns. Live Current acquired the Powerspike platform in October 2022, recently relaunching it as BrandSpike, working to new data integration features that automate key processes.

About Live Current Media Inc.

Live Current Media Inc. has created an integrated "Exosystem" to power the independent creator. The Company acquires and integrates technologies that automate key processes in content and community creation, bringing together innovative businesses and technologies to provide an end-to-end resource for the hundreds of millions of creators who do not have a meaningful piece of the creator economy. The Live Current platform features a growing set of creative tools and community building technologies that include video community creation, AR/VR discovery, social media amplification, personal and business brand management and sponsorship and alternative revenue creation for the global creative community in addition to providing community and experiential solutions for businesses wishing to become more creative in the way they reach their customers. The Live Current Exosystem helps creators manage the four key pillars of independent creativity: Creation, Amplification, Participation and Monetization.

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