Lionel Messi steps in as global brand ambassador of BYJU’S ‘education for all’

Jan 13, 2023
Lionel Messi steps in as global brand ambassador of BYJU’S ‘education for all’

Lionel Messi, the famous footballers, today announced that he has taken over the role of global brand ambassador for BYJU’S ‘education for all’. The announcement was made through his personal social media account.

“Children are our future. And each child, no matter where they live or where they were born, deserves a fair chance. An equal opportunity to learn and grow. @byjus_app and their world-changing initiative #EducationForAll are helping children from underserved communities with access to world-class educational resources. I believe that this simple initiative has the power to change the world. One student at a time,” Messi shared a post on Instagram.

Under this programme, BYJU’S will provide its products free-of-cost to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The aim is to enable 5.5 million children to learn seamlessly regardless of their location, physical or financial constraints.

BYJU’s claims that nearly half of the EFA beneficiaries are girls and several others are from sensitive areas, including border regions and naxal-impacted districts. Nine out of 10 EFA students use BYJU’S regularly. “BYJU’S Education for All has a Social Return on Investment (SROI) of 2, which means every dollar invested in BYJU’S generates a social value of two dollars,” the official release states.

Source: economictimes