Laila Ali emerges as top Influencer & model Managed by Filmymantra Digital

Jul 15, 2021
Laila Ali emerges as top Influencer & model Managed by Filmymantra Digital

Influencer marketing is the new hottest thing right now, and it's used in everything from huge brand launches to small niche brand awareness campaigns. It has proven to be a critical component of beauty and fashion firms' marketing strategies. Due to which there has been a boom in the community of influencers. Among such people, Laila Ali is a renowned multi-talented individual who established herself as a model, actor and influencer gaining recognition across the globe. 

A stunning beauty who has risen to the top of the entertainment and digital sectors because of her stunning looks has conquered these lands thanks to her incredible talent, which is uncommon among today's millennials. Her extraordinary abilities as a social media influencer have garnered her a big fan base that is growing by the day, and she has achieved enormous success after being onboarded with Filmymantra.

When asked why she chose this field above all she claims that influencer marketing has grown significantly in recent years. To leverage on the large following that influencers demand, several firms have been investing in influencer partnerships to sell their products and services. As a result, she believed it is the right time, as demand has been on the rise recently.

Further adding to her statement she said that she likes the flexibility offered by this career as she can work from anywhere and gets to experience the best, be it food or travel or meeting people while on the job.

Due to her constant hard work, her digital popularity has grown to the point that she has been asked to work on many new big new projects on a daily basis, the most recent of which is a music video with Bhalu Rapper that was a chartbuster and had a lot of views on video-sharing platforms.

With all her talent, Laila has emerged as one of the top influencers across the digital world and is proving herself each day with the top quality content she produces. She has a very long way ahead and is constantly working on her personality to debut in films.

Source: deccanherald