Influencer Alanna Panday’s wedding decor brought Italy to Mumbai

Mar 21, 2023
Influencer Alanna Panday’s wedding decor brought Italy to Mumbai
Influencers Alanna Panday and Ivor McCray turned the former’s Pali Hill home in Mumbai into an Italian dream for their wedding celebrations.

Influencers Alanna Panday and Ivor McCray's nuptials in Mumbai, India were nothing less than a fairy tale. The wedding celebrations brought together their love for Italy, nature and travel. The gorgeous bride and groom entrusted ace event designer Ambika Gupta, founder of The A-Cube Project, to turn their vision into reality. 

The Haldi: An Italian-Themed Déjà Vu

Only some days, you witness a Mumbai residence dressed to the nines unless it is a big-fat Indian wedding. For Alanna and Ivor’s dreamy haldi, preceded by an intimate family brunch, The A-Cube Project remoulded Panday’s Pali Hill abode to the streets of Italy. Charmingly titled, ‘Piazza Del Mercato’, which translates to Market Square in English, is apt as the guests are physically and mentally transported to an Italian market. 

As one enters the venue, they are greeted by an explosion of flora, with its fragrance lingering softly for hours. The entrance walls are adorned with refurbished Italian chairs replete with delicate blossoms and hand-woven bags. Walking down this passage emanates a feeling of taking a stroll through the streets of Italy while engulfed in a plethora of delicate flowers and buntings.

Interestingly, all the buntings at the venue were customised by Purkal Stree Shakti NGO to include personal elements like paws representing the couple’s pets, food items like avocados, and the event’s theme stitched on them. Ambika Gupta made it a point to add personal touches to the minutest decor elements. She says, “I spent a lot of time with Alanna and Ivor to understand their journey, personalities, family, and travels to breathe in the nitty-gritty of their lives into the decor. Every wall of the venue illustrates their life, with an entire wall dedicated to custom illustrations of their pets and travels.” 

The decor is not just aesthetically pleasing but an engaging experience, with every nook narrating a story. One of the walls of the venue is swathed with shelves holding Juicy Chemistry and Kashi goodies for guests to fill up in a tote bag and create customised gifts for themselves. Also, just like an Italian street is incomplete without a dainty flower shop, Gupta created one within the house for the attendees to create flower combinations of their own. The Italian experience is amplified with cornices, arched mirrors, and, of course, a gelato cart! 

The family brunch, inspired by a farmer’s market, includes a long-grazing table as a dining table for guests, where they were served a three-course meal by Sage & Saffron. All the furniture is eclectic and replicates the vibe of Italy, rented from Rentastic and Asim Merchant. The event was conceptualised as sustainable, using fresh flowers as the main decor element and recycled rented furniture as seating and decor. 

The Wedding: A Mandap Inspired By Rome’s Colosseum

After making their guests wander through the streets of Italy, Alanna and Ivor desired to bring the essence of one of the most romantic cities in the world, Rome, to their wedding and chose the Grand Ball Room of Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai, as the venue. Moreover, the couple wished the decor represented their love for the outdoors, and to precisely make it look like a ‘white enchanted forest’. So the entire decor relies upon the colours and elements of nature, like trees, birds, flowers, and water. 

The 10-pillar ballroom at the Taj was completely transformed in a dreamscape with a surreal and dreamy setting. Upon entering, the guests walk through a passage permeated with lush greens, connecting one to nature swiftly. Also, the aisle leading to the main stage has a beautiful mirror flooring representing soothing water. Interestingly, all the guests sported outfits inspired by natural colours, while the couple chose all-white, cohesively bringing together the theme. A rich foliage wallpaper along with fog and inlit birds reinforced the concept of the enchanted forest, converting the interiors into a scenic beauty.

Enabling a modern twist to the ruins of Rome’s Colosseum, the mandap was encompassed with a deconstructed colosseum with arches created with plush materials like see-through acrylic with golden accents blending with the richness of the ballroom. Arched pathways, delicate cornices ornamented of the existing golden pillars, and an abstract representation of the colosseum augment the desired theme of Rome. Accompanied by Alanna’s favourite florals, lady’s lace all around, the couple tied the knot amidst a picturesque scene straight out of a fairy tale. 

Source: architecturaldigest