How to Find the Influencer for Your Brand

Dec 14, 2021
How to Find the Influencer for Your Brand

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So, let’s rephrase the question, what should you look for when seeking an influencer for your band?

Relevance: First and foremost, is relevance. Before thinking of the number of followers your dream influencer has, try to imagine how they fit within the profile of your band. Do they complement your image? Do they enhance it? Do they naturally fit within the character of the brand? 

Otherwise, you’ll get very little of those followers you are dreaming of attracting. There are few things worse than the image of an irrelevant influencer contrived into a brand unrelated to their charisma, their story or background. Talk to us and learn more about what we can do for you.

Quality of content: Content is king in the industry; it always has been, and it is likely to remain so. Is the content produced by the influencer up to par with your standards? Be it a written piece in a blog, or highly engaging videos, is this a quality you want associated with your brand?

For example, pay attention to the vocabulary used by the influencer, the framing of their shots, their storytelling, are they consistent with the quality you want your brand to portrayed through?  These are essential aspects of your upcoming work with the influencer. Nevertheless, while you may want slightly higher quality (which you can always nudge up a bit), the fact remains that an influencer is an influencer, not a production house. So it is essentially a balance between highest quality attainable, and on the other hand, believability and authenticity. 

Quality and rate of engagement: a simple glance at the rate and quality of engagement of an influencer with their followers will reveal more than you expect. Look for important points, such as the rate of engagement, and quality of their responses, how they talk to their followers.

A relationship of an influencer with their followers, that is devoid of respect and empathy is unlikely to reflect well on your business performance. This is the core emotional value you should be looking for in engagement.


Personal attitude and professionalism: the wording in the emails you receive, the responsiveness in communication, politeness, professionalism, and the willingness to listen actively to your concerns, these are the signs you should be looking for. 

If you have the feeling or hunch that you are dealing with someone lacking these qualities, then it is a good idea to think again. At the end of the day, you need the influencer to get professional performance that helps increase your sales. Avoid a frustration that you do not need to endure, just drop us a message

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