How to become an OMNES influencer?

Jan 19, 2022
How to become an OMNES influencer?

How to become an OMNES influencer? You’ll be surprised.

Writing this article I wish there was more to say or write about. I just tried the process myself, and it feels as modern and polished as it can get. I’m still under the influence ;)

So, first, visit the website and on the top of the page, click “I am an influencer”. Then Join the program, let’s go:

In all honesty, it takes less than 5 minutes to set up the account, and it’s all the easy and expected stuff. You’ll need to have more than 2000 followers on Instagram though, but that is the whole deal, you surely know.

Second, the magic happens when you log-in, the dashboard! Take a look at this elegant one glance kind of design. Your campaigns, your cash , and your total earnings all in one place. One screen that helps you know everything there is to know. Thanks for this one, it is well done.

But now take a look at the top bar, there you will find all you need, the campaigns you’re (so you can dive there into deeper details). Your messages are up there too and that needs little explanation. Your payments section is also easy to access in the same section.

What made me smile in admiration however, was the opportunities section. Once you click there, you will naturally find the opportunities available, so that you can express interest in them. But that is not the whole thing.