How micro influencers are changing the game!

Jul 15, 2021
How micro influencers are changing the game!

If you happen to keep up with the latest trends related to influencer marketing, you may have noticed lately how marketers are increasing brand awareness and gaining market share through leveraging relatable, trust-worthy, everyday people. 

The world of influencer marketing is ever-evolving, and more and more brands are shifting focus from social figures with millions and hundreds of thousands of followers, to what marketers call ‘micro influencers’, these are people who have a much smaller number of followers, but are much more relatable than celebrities, and at peer levels with consumers. 

These everyday people are simply knowledgeable and passionate about a certain industry or topic, and they happen to have a community and a following that shares these interests with them. But what makes them SO influential? The answer is very simple, authenticity and engagement. 

Yes! You heard that right! Compared to mainstream celebrities, micro-influencers are able to interact with their followers more frequently via likes, comments and messages which creates a bond with the follower (consumer). We can’t also deny that the more sponsored content an influencer posts, the more likely their followers will lose interest, and question their authenticity, not to mention wonder if they are just in it for the money! 

So, should brands resort to micro influencers to increase awareness and visibility? Well, according to HelloSociety, an agency that was recently acquired by the New York Times, campaigns driven by micro-influencers are able to generate 60% greater engagement than any other campaign... So, you tell us!

Source: OMNES Influencers