How Do Creators Really Make Money? This New Influencer Marketing Report Has The Answer

Sep 21, 2023
How Do Creators Really Make Money? This New Influencer Marketing Report Has The Answer

The term content creator is one that’s used more often than most of us would like. In today’s booming digital sector, it makes sense why people are flocking to social media apps and websites to learn how they can create more money sitting anywhere in the world.

This new report is shedding light on some key stats from the US and how exactly creators in the country are getting most of their income.

For this year, it’s majorly arising from content that’s sponsored. And while 82% will be getting revenue through this method, the figure outlined for 2023 is lower than what was predicted and seen for 2022. As a result, stats fell from 91% to 82% this year.

Today, many creators are diversifying options to make money and trying to look for more fruitful opportunities by which they can generate revenue. So that means saying hello to a broad spectrum of money-making opportunities.

Say hello to paid subscriptions, advertising revenues, and affiliate marketing as well. But that’s just the start.

See, you can visualize social media apps as the best launchpad and not the endpoint for top-of-the-line creators as revealed in this latest Influencer Marketing report. And yes, a lot do rely on ad revenues but with time, experts predict how the country’s spending on influencer marketing will shift in an upward direction. It’s bound to grow faster in the next couple of years, as compared to ad spending.

So let’s take a look at some of the leading ways by which money can be made through content creation for our better understanding.

For starters, many are venturing into the field of offering online courses. If you’ve got the skill, then why not impart it to others and allow them to benefit at a price tag, right? And believe us when we say some popular creators can get up to $1 million a year through this means.

Secondly, selling products. This is true for those creators who have the goods and the audience is ready to accept their recommendations without blinking an eye. And this includes merchandise that’s specific to them or any products that might benefit their business or be in line with the concept.

Thirdly, ad revenue share programs are nothing new. They’ve been around as the gold standard for more than 15 years and there’s no limit on the potential that it provides for millions of creators around the globe.

Common platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, and Meta are offering creator share programs where you attain cuts from ads and viral content like videos and posts but you’ve got to be unique and have that flair that attracts viewers.

Similar to this are platform creator funds that give out bonuses. Although rare, you’ll be lucky enough to make some great bucks through the initiative, when and if on offer.

Other than that, consulting, subscriptions for exclusive access, speaking engagements, and affiliate marketing are deemed to be the other rising means for making money by a creator.