HeyLink.me introduces ‘Earn Feature’ for content creators to make money

Jul 07, 2022
HeyLink.me introduces ‘Earn Feature’ for content creators to make money

HeyLink.me has introduced ‘Earn Feature’ which opens new ways for content creators to make money on social media, the VP of Growth Mr. Amer Al Halabi has announced.

HeyLink.me is a new generation link-management platform that offers social media monetisation tools. With a user base of more than half a million subscribers, HeyLink.me helps content creators, brands, and small businesses, monetise their social media accounts.

Mr. Al Halabi mentioned that social media has turned into a huge shopping mall with cluttered and sporadic opportunities to make money. But HeyLink.me’s Earn Feature allows anyone to make money on social media – in a hassle-free, effective and stable way, he added.

Quoting the latest study of Statista, he said that there are more than 4.6 billion people on social media and this is a gigantic universe where people get inspired, learn, and try to make money.

While the majority of content creators are looking for ways to make money on social media, only a small fraction monetise their presence but HeyLink.me has a solution for everyone.

Mr. Al Halabi said, “HeyLink.me has partnered with Google to allow anyone to earn money by showing ads on the HeyLink.me page. Anyone can switch on ‘Earn Feature’ to start showing ads on their HeyLink.me page. Therefore, the content creator or influencer will make money whenever someone clicks the ads.

This feature is best suited for social media accounts that have good traffic and engaged audiences, he added.

It is estimated that social media accounts with 50k followers and above can generate revenue of more than $300 per month by showing ads on their HeyLink.me page.

Explaining the reasons behind the struggle of content creators to monetize their own content, Mr. Al Halabi said that social media platforms’ rules limit how content creators can monetise their own content – (1) paid and affiliate partnerships with brands and (2) selling their own products/services.

According to the Influencer Marketing Hub 2022 report , last year, around 93 per cent of marketers had paid partnerships with content creators. Brands spend 20 per cent or more of their budgets on partnerships, . Mr. Al Halabi said that these ways of making money are not available to everyone, especially not to content creators with less than 150K followers without brand connections and managers to help them lock brand partnerships.

HeyLink.me helps create and manage all your links in one place: personal website, store, recent video or social post. HeyLink.me has more than 1.5 million active links with over 50 million monthly visitors.

Source: OMNES Media