Google is Building AI Chatbots Based on Celebrities and Influencers

Jun 27, 2024
Google is Building AI Chatbots Based on Celebrities and Influencers

The competition in the AI space seems to be never-ending, with Google announcing that it is building new AI-powered chatbots based on celebrities and YouTube influencers.

Interestingly, this idea is neither new nor original, as other tech giants such as and Meta have launched similar products in the past. The tech giant has also left us in the dark as to the reasons behind the creation of these celebrity chatbots.

Speaking about the same product in a different skin, Google confirmed that the chatbots will be powered by Gemini's large language models and is also working to let people create their own chatbots by describing their personalities and appearance. A feature that already lets people do.

Right now, we do not know which celebrities or influencers Google plans to partner with or if it's going to try and think outside the box rather than copying Meta, whose chatbots are based on TikTok stars and YouTube sensations, or, whose characters include politicians, philosophers, and fictional characters.

Also, while Google has talked about integrating these chatbots into YouTube, similar to Meta on Instagram, we do not think it would actualize this because we believe that this is just an experiment that will only appear on Google Labs, and secondly, because user demand right now does not scream enthusiasm.

However, we are curious to know what plans Google has in store for these chatbots in the future and how users respond in turn to those plans.

Source: techloy