Gen Z marketing agency debuts global micro-influencer service

Mar 25, 2024
Gen Z marketing agency debuts global micro-influencer service
Gen Z marketing firm, Screenshot Media, has unveiled its global micro-influencer service, ‘Micro Boost’, helping brands and smaller influencers to develop partnerships.

The move, which caters to both nano (1-10k followers) and micro (10k-100k followers) creators, offers brands a way to connect with audiences via authentic and localised influencer collaborations.

Meanwhile, for brands aiming to connect with a targeted consumer community, the service would identify a pool of nano and micro-influencers who are relevant to the brand.

According to the agency, these creators featuring on the Micro Boost initiative are known for their close, friendship-like relationships with their audiences, compared to the broader reach but “shallower connections of macro influencers“.

The move follows the marketing firms’ own research revealing that content by micro-influencers generates 30% more positive sentiment compared with content created by macro influencers.

Screenshot Media, CEO and Founder, Shira Jeczmien, said: “Gen Z consumers have moved away from the glossy advertising campaigns produced by influencers with millions of followers. Younger consumers now value authenticity, and this often comes in the form of micro-, or even nano-, influencers.

“Often these creators have the most ‘sway’ and the most fiercely loyal followings. For brands, the Micro Boost service will allow them to embed themselves into local internet trends in a way that feels natural and genuine. We go with what the trends are saying, meaning that campaigns stay relevant and don’t miss the mark.”

Source: mobilemarketingmagazine