Four TikTok Fashion Influencers Helping Men Get Dressed for Weddings

Oct 10, 2023
Four TikTok Fashion Influencers Helping Men Get Dressed for Weddings
As men’s style videos have continued to grow in popularity on TikTok, many influencers are homing in on their content by creating videos geared toward specific types of dressing.

With this year’s increase in weddings and wedding-related events, men’s fashion influencers have leaned into the occasion by creating a range of style videos for guests and grooms. These influencers — such as Trey Bryant, Parker York Smith, Nick Urteaga and Adam Gonon — consistently give their followers these types of videos focusing on style options beyond the traditional black tuxedo or suit.

They’ve grown their platforms to have hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of followers based off of answering follower questions and offering advice on styling colorful suits and dressing for specific dress codes, among others.

Here, the content creators share insight into their wedding-style content and why the platform has become a go-to destination for men’s style advice.

Trey Bryant @treybryantstyle

After working at menswear brands like Men’s Wearhouse, Indochino and Suitsupply, 29-year-old fashion influencer Trey Bryant transitioned to full-time content creation in 2020 to help men learn the basics of style.

Over the last two years, Bryant stated he’s seen an increase in demand for wedding style-related content, both for grooms and wedding guests.

“Brotherhood has always been a big deal to me because I don’t have any brothers and I’ve always loved brotherhood,” said the Atlanta-based influencer, who has 1.4 million TikTok followers, about his work as a content creator. “I wanted to share [men’s style] information with guys and help them out. That way, they have a place or a big brother or friend online where they can come and see the information for themselves.”

Color and weather-related questions are among Bryant’s most-asked for wedding style. Bryant stated one of his first viral wedding-related TikTok videos was a “get ready with me” video where he styled a green suit for a wedding, which has more than 700,000 views.

“I looked at the comments and a lot of guys think the classic navy, or black or even gray — their understanding is that’s what you can wear to a wedding, but now you’re saying, ‘I can wear green? I can wear brown? I can wear other colors that weren’t even on my radar, but I actually feel confident in them?’” he said. “That video where I [wore the green suit] and when I’ve done other color combinations, that’s more or less opening guys up to feeling more confident wearing different colors in those situations.”

Bryant also received many inquiries about dressing for a summer wedding, especially from grooms. He’s encouraged his followers to look to linen suits and lighter colors, such as beige, for these types of weddings.

“I personally think guys are going to want to see more inspiration,” he said about why he thinks his videos resonate with viewers. “I’m really seeing if you have an idea of what someone can wear to a wedding, they want to see it because they don’t know it’s possible.”

Parker York Smith @parkeryorksmith

Parker York Smith has become one of the go-to TikTok fashion influencers for wedding style content since he started on the platform in 2020.

The 37-year-old Los Angeles-based content creator, who has 1.2 million followers on TikTok, regularly creates wedding style-related content for male guests and grooms. He explained that he receives a range of questions from his followers on wedding style, with most relating to color, dress codes or what to wear for certain weather conditions.

“It typically starts from a place of people’s curiosity,” he said on his content strategy. “A lot of it is color-based like, ‘How do I style a navy suit or a gray suit?’ I’ve even had people ask, ‘How do I use an orange suit?’ So, I’ll start with that and then I’ll kind of step back, look at what I have available in my wardrobe, what I can present and give people ideas on how they can use things or to go shopping and find other things.”

Some of his most viral TikTok videos include Smith styling a hunter green suit and a brown suit for wedding guests. He also creates videos focusing on grooms, showing users other options beyond the classic black tuxedo, such as a beige suit with brown accents.

“For some reason, colors just really seem to grab people’s attention,” he said. “It seems to be a topic that people just like to watch regardless of if they themselves are actually headed to a wedding anytime soon.”

Nick Urteaga @coastalflicks

Los Angeles-based content creator Nick Urteaga transitioned from a career in videography and photography to content creation in 2020 to focus on his interest in fashion and address the white space in men’s plus-size fashion content in the industry.

Urteaga, who has more than 212,000 followers on TikTok, creates a range of fashion content, including wedding style videos where he gives advice for guests and grooms.

“[Weddings] are the main event that most men will have to go to where there are rules,” said the 33-year-old content creator. “Whether it’s cocktail attire, semi-casual, formal or black tie, when you get the invite, a lot of men don’t necessarily know the different rules. On top of that, bigger guys don’t know the rules, so they, one, need a definition on that, and two, need to figure out how to dress within those rules.”

Like other men’s fashion influencers, Urteaga receives mostly color and weather-related questions for wedding style. He’s created videos focusing on styling burgundy suits, suits with tank tops and linen suits for the summer. Urteaga has also been involved with Men’s Wearhouse for wedding style content, working with the retailer to create a custom suit.

“I am a big proponent of linen suits,” he said. “I have them in a handful of colors. I think if a guy has never worn a linen suit or have linen anything in general, they’re not really going to know that linen is that material that is going to keep you cool, or at least keep you cooler than other suits. So, it’s introducing them to the fabrics and then introducing them to different styles and the ways they can spin it around and make it fashionable.”

Adam Gonon @adamgonon

Philadelphia-based influencer Adam Gonon has been a full-time content creator since 2016, where he focuses on traditional men’s suiting and fashion tailored for shorter men.

“I’m five [feet] six [inches], so I have a lot of experience with different brands not fitting me well,” the 30-year-old influencer said. “Oftentimes, a good portion of my following, they’re probably five [foot] eight [inches] and under, just because I get those questions a lot like, ‘Where did you find that T-shirt or sweater that you’re not swimming in and hits you so well on the shoulders and the sleeve length?’”

Since Gonon’s style focuses on traditional menswear and suiting, he receives many wedding style related questions, such as accommodating dress codes and styling different fabrics and colors. He stated some of his wedding style-related content that has gone viral are ones focusing on linen suits and another where he styles a burnt orange suit.

“My style trends to be mainly tailored menswear, so it came very naturally for me to focus on wedding guest attire,” he said. “Specifically, formal guest attire and how fabrics would change for the different seasons. Generally, when you think of a suit for a wedding, you think of a stuffy suit that maybe it’s rented or you haven’t worn it in a few years.”

Gonon also focuses on how to accessorize wedding suits. He stated he’s received inquiries about when to style suits with brown versus black shoes, for instance.

“People are looking for inspiration and they obviously know about a navy suit or a charcoal suit will always work, but I think they’re looking for something a little bit different from that,” he said on why he thinks more men are looking to TikTok for this kind of style advice. “Of course, it depends on the wedding you’re going to and what the attire that they ask for is, but generally, if it’s formal or cocktail attire, you get more freedom with that. I think that’s where a lot of people might get lost and start looking for inspiration online.”