Exploring non-traditional influencers impact on social media

Nov 01, 2023
Exploring non-traditional influencers impact on social media
The growth of social media has paved the way for a new type of influencer, extending beyond the realm of technology, fashion and beauty. Truck drivers, shepherds, and fishermen are just a few examples of individuals who now share their professional experiences, holding sway over increasingly large audiences. One such person is Jacob Knowles, a Maine-based lobster fisherman who has gained popularity across various platforms. These non-traditional influencers offer a unique perspective on their respective industries, drawing in viewers who may not have previously encountered their line of work. Thanks to social media, they can break down barriers and expand public understanding of the diverse occupations that exist today.

Similar to the popular television series “Dirty Jobs” on the Discovery Channel, these hardworking influencers provide a window into their daily lives and the challenges they face. Viewers gain access to the difficulties, setbacks, and victories inherent to essential industries that often lack glamour. By revealing the dedication and skills that underpin these fields, these influencers help build bridges between different sectors of the workforce, breaking down barriers in the process.

Brand sponsorships and additional earnings
Some influencers have even earned brand sponsorships, supplementing their income as a result. For example, a UK-based tree trimmer has garnered 245,000 Instagram followers through work-related video posts, which has led to not only potential clients but also advertising opportunities for his tree-trimming services. By partnering with relevant brands, he has increased his income and extended his online presence, demonstrating the potency of social media for freelance professionals.

The rising prominence of blue-collar influencers
Many of these influencers have followers who work desk jobs, like Michael Williams, who runs a men’s fashion website and newsletter. As such, they can shape trends and preferences within their target audience.

As blue-collar workers gain prominence on social media, these unusual content creators are carving out space alongside more conventional influencers. These skilled laborers, encompassing construction workers, truck drivers, electricians, and plumbers, share their expertise and experiences in an engaging and relatable way. By offering practical advice, insider perspectives, and amusing anecdotes, blue-collar influencers attract a growing audience and challenge the traditional notion of an online personality.

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