Dubai: 'Khaby' Lame, AboFlah to headline world's biggest gathering of influencers, content creators

Dec 14, 2023
Dubai: 'Khaby' Lame, AboFlah to headline world's biggest gathering of influencers, content creators
The event is set to bring together over 100 speakers from over 15 Arab and foreign countries at the Emirates Towers and the Museum of the Future

The 1 Billion Followers Summit, organised by New Media Academy (NMA), is set to host the world's most significant gathering of content creators at its 2nd edition on January 10-11 at the Emirates Towers and the Museum of the Future in Dubai.

This premier event, set to bring together over 100 speakers, unveiled the names of 20 top international content creators from over 15 Arab and foreign countries. Boasting a combined social media following surpassing 1 billion people, these content creators will illuminate the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the realm of content creation, sharing their insights, tips, and success stories with the eager audience.

These influential names will come together to discuss their journeys in content creation in diverse fields—entertainment, education, economics, and humanity. They will share experiences and impactful stories, connecting with an audience interested in innovation and influence in the content creation landscape.

Among the notable influencers featured in the second edition is Khabane "Khaby" Lame, a TikTok sensation who gained a staggering 251 million followers by creating silent, humorous videos that parody famous memes and internet stunts.

Another highlight is Germán Garmendia, the most prominent YouTuber in the Spanish-speaking world, boasting 121 million followers. Garmendia achieved fame through comedic content centered on daily life topics.

The Sidemen, a group of seven British YouTubers, boast a combined following of over 100 million with their engaging daily activities, including football, pranks, globetrotting, game competitions, and daring challenges.

Ujjwal, renowned for his YouTube channel Techno Gamerz, has emerged as a trailblazer in the Indian gaming scene, amassing over 50 million followers while providing gaming tutorials for beginners worldwide.

AboFlah, Kuwaiti content creator, has garnered a massive following of 49 million through entertaining and gaming content on YouTube, notably for his charitable campaigns to help refugees worldwide.

Ming Wei, the Singaporean star with 38 million followers, stands out with his diverse talents, creating comedic videos showcasing innovative pranks in collaboration with his father, alongside singing, dancing, and acting.

Dilraj Singh Rawat, known as the 'Indian Hacker,' has attracted 38 million subscribers through his exceptional YouTube channel, focusing on scientific experiments rather than the traditional sense of hacking, making him India's largest scientific experiment channel.

Ahmed Albasheer, a unique media personality, has 34.3 million followers for his YouTube program 'Albasheer Show,' which has garnered more than 1.3 billion views. Albasheer offers a humorous and bold critique of daily issues in Iraq.

Lebanese chef Abir El Saghir, known as the "Arab Disney Princess," shares captivating cooking videos, accumulating an impressive 33 million followers.

Sourav Joshi Vlogs, a YouTube channel hosted by Indian artist and influencer Sourav Joshi, blends inspirational stories, excitement, and challenges, attracting over 28 million followers.

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Goub, a British actor, director, and influencer, has garnered over 25 million followers through humorous and creative videos on his page 'Goubtube,' often interacting with the public on the street.

Meeto Al Shamsi, a Saudi influencer, has gained over 23 million followers by portraying various humorous characters in his videos across platforms.

The Anazala Family, consisting of Anas, Asala, and their children, Mila and Noah, have over 22 million followers, three Guinness World Records, a Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Award, and a Streamy Award nomination.

Mo Vlogs, a blogger sharing videos about luxurious cars, travel, and encounters with celebrities, is considered one of the most famous vloggers globally with approximately 22 million followers.

Zachery Dereniowski, a TikToker, has attracted over 21 million followers with inspiring content focused on mental health. His philanthropic approach is based on genuine interactions, listening to people's stories, and surprising strangers' acts of kindness with cash.

Twin sisters Rawan and Rayan, known for their challenges, pranks, games, and talents, have quickly gained fame in the Arab world, boasting more than 20 million followers.

Dhruv Rathee, an inspirational Indian content creator, addresses scientific, historical, geopolitical, financial, and current affairs issues on his YouTube channel, amassing over 19 million subscribers and over 3 billion views.

Prajakta Koli, an Indian content creator, delivers comedic videos with impactful narratives, attracting over 18 million followers. She is also UNDP India's first youth climate champion.

Jordanian YouTuber and TikToker Ragda Qumjian, known for her humorous and musical content, boasts approximately 18 million followers on YouTube.

Myth Pat, a renowned Indian gaming YouTuber, has garnered over 17 million followers and 4 billion views by sharing videos of popular games on computers and mobile phones, including GTA V, Minecraft, PUBG, Granny, and more.

Source: khaleejtimes