Celebrity and TikTok influencer deepfakes flood Twitter despite rules

Jun 19, 2023
Celebrity and TikTok influencer deepfakes flood Twitter despite rules

Deepfakes of celebrities and influencers are circulating on Twitter – despite their policies against misleading media and non-consensual nudity.

Twitter is one of the few social media platforms that does allow adult content to be posted, as long as everyone involved consent. But with the rise of AI, the line between what’s real and what’s not has become harder to see.

With the rise of AI, celebrity deepfakes have become more common. A deepfake is a manipulated video or image where a person’s face is superimposed on someone else’s body.

This has become an especially big problem on Twitter, which has yet to ban this certain type of content.

Twitter floods with deepfakes of female influencers

Female TikTok creators has become a prominent deepfake target. Twitter searches for TikTok creators such as Addison RaeEasterlingCharli D’Amelio and Bella Poarch revealing several explicit deepfakes, despite the ban on the platform, NBC News revealed

The platform explicitly bans “images or videos that superimpose or otherwise digitally manipulate an individual’s face onto another person’s nude body” under its nonconsensual nudity policy.

The policy states that Twitter may need to hear from the individual targeted by a deepfake or their representative before taking action.

Twitter’s synthetic and manipulated media policy also applies to deepfakes and depends on the manner, context and implications of the media.

Source: dexerto