Cannes 2023: AI and influencers take center stage

Jun 23, 2023
Cannes 2023: AI and influencers take center stage

Day Two ended with performances from Jack Harlow and Florence + The Machine.

Day Two of Cannes was, in a word, windy. It took all my strength not to get choked by my press-badge lanyard.

It’s true what they say: Even by day two, you really do start running into the same people consistently. That goes for famous people too. I’ve seen Paris Hilton twice now.

At MediaLink Beach, I saw Kevin Hart (for the first time) at a panel and spoke with UTA’s co-head of marketing, David Anderson, who said the influencer presence at Cannes is second only to AI in terms of hot topics this year, comparing the two to the barbell theory.

“I think we’re hearing a lot about efficiency on one end, and how something like AI can bring that forward,” he said. On the other end, he said they’re also hearing about how brands can double down on relationships with creators.

Earlier in the day, I visited Meta Beach, where I spoke with Nicola Mendelsohn, head of Meta’s global business group, about (you guessed it!) AI. Originally a TikToker, Rod was also on the scene for a panel on how creators are using Reels. We respect the hustle.

I also stopped by the Next Level Climate Summit, where a small group gathered off the Boulevard de la Croisette for a panel to watch Rob McFaul of Purpose Disruptors discuss agency campaigns tackling climate change. Also present at the summit was co-sponsor Clean Creatives, who couldn’t avoid the influencer pull of Cannes either. The group has put up flyers around town asking to take Emma Chamberlain to coffee.

Notably absent on the climate front this year is Greenpeace, which made its presence known in a big way last year with its climate protests. Now, like Twitter, it is but a faint Cannes memory.

After some industry schmoozing over drinks and dinner, the night capped off with the first of Spotify’s two-day concert series, featuring Jack Harlow and Florence + The Machine. If anyone’s gonna perform on a windy day, who better than a barefoot Florence in a flowy dress? Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about Jack Harlow’s khaki pants.

Source: marketingbrew