Amazon tries to boost its TikTok-like shopping feed by asking influencers to submit videos — for $25 each

Sep 01, 2023
Amazon tries to boost its TikTok-like shopping feed by asking influencers to submit videos — for $25 each

Amazon is looking to boost its TikTok-style “Inspire” shopping feed and is offering to pay influencers $25 a video, but some creators are mocking the low rate. The company sent out an email to select influencers asking them to submit videos featuring two or more Amazon products in the same category.

The company is offering $12,500 for a maximum of 500 videos, or $25 per qualifying video, according to a screenshot of the email shared online. The news was first reported by Bloomberg.

Amazon is offering up to $12,500 ($25/video) for influencers to submit videos 👀

— Drojo24 (@Dro_Hannah) August 16, 2023

Amazon plans to cap the initiative at 35,000 videos, which will cost the company $875,000, according to the screenshot. The company is looking for videos that “could be a product review of two or more products, a product comparison video, a ranking video listing the best products in a certain category, or even gift inspiration featuring multiple products,” the email reads.

Some creators have reacted to Amazon’s offering and mocked the low payment on social media.

“25$ per job lol Amazon can go find someone else to play that game,” said one creator in a post on X (formerly Twitter). One creator wrote: “500 videos !! Damn thats a full time JOB haha,” while another said “SOOOOO Up To $25 / video LOL no thanks.”


Up To $25 / video

LOL no thanks

— Ryan | Content Strategist | AI Creatives (@UGCtravels) August 17, 2023

Amazon did not respond to TechCrunch’s request for comment.

The online retail giant debuted the Inspire feed last December, introducing a new short-form video and photo feed that allows consumers to explore products and ideas and shop from content created by influencers, brands and other customers. The goal behind the launch was likely to draw consumers’ attention away from apps like TikTok, where brands can directly market to consumers, in order to drive sales on Amazon.

In order to keep users engaged with the feed, Amazon needs to present a steady stream of new and interesting videos, which is why the company is looking to entice influencers with a cash offer. But, the rate that it’s offering is considerably lower than what influencers usually make per image or video.

According to Brands Meet Creators, an industry consulting firm, influencers normally charge $212 for the type of content that Amazon is asking for. Of course, rates vary depending on the creator, so some make even more per post. Given these factors, it will likely be difficult for Amazon to court creators with a fraction of the money that they typically make.

As noted by Bloomberg, the timing of Amazon’s initiative is not surprising, as TikTok has spent the past several months expanding its e-commerce offerings. The company began testing TikTok Shop in the U.S. last November, letting companies sell their goods directly on the app with a full checkout experience.

TikTok is also said to be testing a new in-app “Trendy Beat” shopping section where it is offering products for sale that are shipped and sold by a subsidiary of its parent company, ByteDance. The new model sees TikTok operating an e-commerce model that is similar to how Amazon Basics and Shein promote and sell their own bestselling products. So, as TikTok looks to take on Amazon and Shein, Amazon is looking to build out and promote its TikTok-style Inspire feed.

Source: techcrunch