3 influencers every marketer should contemplate, follow, and learn from!

Dec 15, 2021
3 influencers every marketer should contemplate, follow, and learn from!

How is the importance of an influencer measured? 

Do we measure it by the number of followers they have? On Instagram specifically? What about followers on other platforms? 

We can simply do a total sum of followers all over the place.

But this system entails many problems. 

  • First, followers vary in their loyalty and trust towards the influencer. An influencer may have a high followership score but perform poorly in terms of conversions into sales.
  • Second, the rule of “1000 loyal followers” still works today as it did 50 years ago in the music industry. Sometimes, 1000 loyal followers can save a brand, which makes the estimation of the importance of the followers a tough job!
  • Followers of an influencer may not necessarily have geographic proximity to your brand. Thus, you may enjoy the fruits of the reach and brand awareness, but not the conversion or loyalty.
  • Etc. 

So, in this article, and before you go on to the list, take into consideration that we are only considering the number of followers here, on Instagram. When you want to dig deeper, into this subject of influencer marketing, intermodally or locally in your town, make sure to take our two cents of input, contact us.

Beyonce – ~200 million followers on Instagram, 1% engagement rate!

An influencer that started over 15 years ago, with credible reliable performance and followership. Her influence extends far from music, but also into fashion, stage performance, and overall style. With millions of followers around the globe, Beyonce is someone to look at and learn from, an incredible example of raising, keeping, developing a global community of followers.

Messi/Ronaldo - `400 million followers each, with roughly 2% engagement rate! 

Whether you are the football fan in your group or not, never mind your inner feelings towards the game as the gang gathers around the T.V., these two stars are a miracle so far unmatched in the world of influencers. The staggering 2% rate of engagement is not only their stardom, nor is it the content alone, there is a secret there. Their excellence and performance, and their stories every game. Those millions are interested not in the content per se, but in the exceptionality, the skill, the performance they admire from the stars. Every goal scored, every goal missed, accumulates to a long story or journey, of feelings and empathy between the people and the stars.

Virat Kohli – 171 million followers with some 2% engagement rate.

This is our third-star influencer to mention here for a reason. For you to remember that success for your influencer need not be Taylor Swift nor some star that emerges from far away. Cricket opened the path for Virat to become the influencer of nearly 200 million people. It does not have to be something you imitate, your influencer comes from your society, it really depends on touching people’s hearts in an honest and relatable way.

Source: omnesinfluencers