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A new set of courses is now available for you to hone
your social media skills and take your influencer game
to the next level.

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Learn to earn money

Learn how to earn money as an influencer

Master the entrepreneurship

Master the entrepreneurship mindset of an Influencer

Learn to be authentic

Learn how to be authentic yet relevant to the world

Brands Favorite

Become the brand’s favorite

Learn how to organize

Learn how to organize your thoughts, day and schedule

Practice proven strategies

Practice proven strategies for business development

Available Curricula

OMNES Influencer Diploma

OMNES Influencer Diploma

Special courses aimed at elevating new influencers to new heights. Learn new tools, tricks of the trade and expand your network with the “Starter Kit” and the “Entrepreneur Kit”. Both courses offer a diploma at the end of the course.

Ambassador program
Coming Soon

Ambassador program

Understanding the Influencer Marketing industry and identifying your space within it. The program aids in planning your influencer journey professionally while aiding you in organizing your days.

Coming Soon


A series of courses with focus on key market sections for influencers. From Fashion influencers, to food influencers, the courses will aid the different influencers in being more focused in their content and ensure higher engagement with the audience.

Multiple Training courses for content creators.

Multiple Training courses for content creators.

A list of courses aimed at content creators with the objective of aiding them in honing their skill to ensure growth of business for them. The courses are being offered by references in their fields.