B2B influencer marketing is a growing field

Jun 23, 2024
B2B influencer marketing is a growing field
How does EMARKETER define a B2B influencer?

A B2B influencer is an expert or thought leader in a specific industry or professional niche. They can help a B2B company stand out in a competitive market, reach its target audience, and guide informed purchasing decisions through insights and recommendations. They are selected for their credibility in their field, which allows them to be more effective than a brand can be on its own. They might cocreate and share content on social media and/or host events and webinars.

Influencer marketing is becoming a staple in B2B strategies. Eighty-five percent of US B2B marketers incorporate it into their mix, according to TopRank. In response, LinkedIn created Thought Leader Ads, which allows advertisers to sponsor content from LinkedIn members, expanding the ways they can reach audiences.

Effective B2B influencer marketing isn’t about celebrity status. In B2B, the focus is on value creation, trust-building, and collaboration. Successful programs integrate influencers into long-term strategies, building deep, ongoing relationships for what may be “always-on” campaigns. Audience trust is the most important quality to consider when choosing an influencer.

The ideal influencer is not necessarily the largest. Micro- and niche influencers are preferred for their specific audiences and subject matter expertise. They can also be employees and customers. Cocreating content with influencers in engaging formats, like video and interactive content, enhances credibility and expands reach and engagement.

Source: emarketer